Launch to the International Space Station

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Ok, please forgive the very amateurish photo taken above; but the context is rather cool.

I live in Central Florida and Port Canaveral is not down the road, but definitely close enough to see when a launch happens. Some folks I know, actually find spots where they have amazing views.

I'm not overly into this stuff, although it's one of those handful of things I take for granted and it would make for great content here on the HIVE platform and communities like Proof of Brain.

With that said, I came out of the fitness studio and some of the members were looking up in awe and honestly I really just wanted to get in my car and go home after putting in a 60 minute HIIT session.

So I put on the SiriusXM, find the news and at that point the launch is being broadcasted and as I look up I actually see the Falcon launch of the Dragon that it's way to the Space Station. Unfortunately, I'm driving, it's dark as you can see at the photo and not until that moment of that photo that I was able to catch take a snapshot.

Not sure if you can see it, but it's the light in the middle of the picture. I had the opportunity to get a much better shot if had realized what was going to begin with and probably would have driven to a good spot to get some p pictures which would have made for great content.

I'll have to up my game and take advantage of being close enough to Cape Canaveral to get some quality photos.

Here are some Twitter links to a much better way to tap into this experience courtesy of International Space Station, NASA and SpaceX:


International Space Station:

and a Tweet link from one of our Local News channels WFTV:

Don't get me wrong, I've always enjoyed Science Fiction movies and do find space exploration fascinating; but I definitely need to explore more of it; since it's near enough to drive to periodically.

If you were able to get a better photo of this morning's launch, throw it in the comments; would love to check it out.


Hello @jimmy.adames Thanks for sharing your photo of the liftoff. It doesn't matter if it's professional, the intent is what matters.

I also stopped by to say "thanks" for deciding to Follow my journey on Hive. I appreciate it. Hope to engage with you again soon.

No thank You @justclickindiva - Look forward to it as well 🙏🏼

Always enjoy watching these. Was a little too early for me this time lol. I remember moving here and watching the first ever falcon 9 go but something I'll always remember.

I definitely need to take advantage of those moments more often @bitcoinflood and take better pictures 🤪

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