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RE: Is This A Hot Boy?

in Proof of Brain6 months ago

Good story, you would need a little bit more pictures from pixabay or other free pictures stock, to get more votes, but beyong that, the tags are good and is a great post, but i feel is lacking on the side of good image placing :)


Thank you friends for the advice, maybe in the next post I will give a lot of pictures.

change ocd for Vyb or verifyyourbrain Ocd does not curate with that thag, neither curanger or any other curation initiative. But vyb does, for a text of 1k 5 to 6 images are great, including outro banner.

Believe me i know what im saying and from where i am, just look at the rewards of my posts :) i said it so you could get a more fair ammount of votes and support, i liked your post and is plagarism free, so i very much loved it :)