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Hello profdanzy, Welcome to hive and the proof of brain community. Glad to have you join us here on the simplest social platform on the web space. Quite an introductory post you've got got there. You appear to be so what calm and someone with an excellent personality. Been someone who loves learning and developing himself, I trust you'll have awesome time here.

It is also important to recognize that making quality contents and comments value will assist you greatly in bringing you out of the crowd in this space. Also know that engagement and interactions is extremely sacrosanct on here. In here is also an excellent place to hustle as you get to earn decently depending on what proportion of time and energy you chose to allocate to the platform.

Love your problem solving skills. It might come in handy. Do well to familiarize yourself with individuals from different background and culture around here. i really like your mentality of eagerness to meet people. it's an honest one has building relationship may be a good way to growth and it also determines how far an individual can go. Do well to subscribe to communities which may interest you here and meet compatible individuals with similar interest.

Great country you're from. i think the country is good one with great potential but has been trampled on by his government. The citizens seems to be very friendly and been people of great humor. i think there's community for people from your country over. Do best to locate it and have interaction with other native on there. A standard tag I see people from your country is #hivenaija. It comes in handy to urge noticed from curators who set about trying to find people within that region to vote on. make sure you maintain quality in the least times.

It also necessary to understand that plagiarized contents are greatly frowned upon here. Do best to always spring up only original contents and do the needful by sourcing your images and any addition you include on your contents. this is often necessary so you avoid getting negative feedbacks during from curators. the proper use of the right tags that relate any content is additionally an honest one has it helps your post gain more visiblity within the right section for your post. Do best to require a while to navigate round the platform to understand how things function here.

Looking forward to reading more interesting contents you get to share and to having frequent interacting on this excellent platform. Good you're keen on questions. Don't hesitate to ask. Have a pleasant time up here . Welcome once more .

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Thanks thanks thanks wow am so happy for your comments and advice,I will strictly adhence to the instructions and bye by it

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My pleasure man. You should also make more contents occasionally. I see you have been doing decently in terms of engagement which is good thing. I believe I might have forgotten to share you this guide It could be really helpful. Do well to take a look in your free time.

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Just checking up on you. Trust you having a nice time?. Haven't seen you much in terms of creating contents but you seem to be doing quite okay in the engagement aspect. Guess that is your style or time constraint only limit you to that just as it does to me too. Have an awesome time on the best platform on the internet that I know. Doubt there is anything that come close in terms of how beneficial this platform has been. It's been a life saver for Mr. I hope it does likewise to you too. Stay engaged and keep up the consistency.

Wow I do really appreciate

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