Phenylpiracetam as a Nootropic 📐 The expensive linear-thought-promoting smart drug

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Another Russian Racetam, derived from the Czar of Nootropics Piracetam. It's regarded as the mathematician's smart drug for the powers of cognition it stimulates.
It's a hardcore Biohacker's smart drug. Even though it's highly praised by those who have used it, it has not pervaded into the mainstream as a supplement. There are no consumer-grade products that it's a significant constituent part of. This is likely just because it's expensive stuff; it requires a very complex synthesis and purification process which its price reflects.

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I used it myself for about 6 months and found that besides being a quintessential smart drug it made me optimistically narcissistic. Watch 👁️ The expensive Racetam that made me optimistically narcissistic ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Phenylpiracetam Biohacker Review