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RE: My lemon my lemon tree / Mi limón mi limonero [ENG-ESP]

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It seems to me that, if one intends to grow the plants for food, the best bet is to get the seed stock from a local grower rather than gambling on kitchen scrap.

The local grower should know what grows best in a region.

Even worse, much of the food from the store has been genetically or otherwise modified.

While it is fun to get things for free. The amount paid for the seed stock helps support local growers. Local growers are usually active in the local horticulture community.



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Thanks. I support local growers by buying the lemons I need at local markets. A potted lemon tree is not going to give me all the lemons I eat throughout the year. The climate here is ideal for growing citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruit. I do it out of curiosity and to try one day a lemon from my terrace.

I admit, the main reason for my comment was that I've encountered numerous youtube videos and spam messages claiming that people can grow food from food scraps.

People who follow this advice are likely to become frustrasted and give up on gardening.

Thank you very much for your advice, but this is not my case.


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