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I was reading the #proofofbrain posts today morning. It was interesting to read some of the uncommon posts on this platform. I stumbled upon a post by @madstacks, which appealed the users to add @pob-fund as the beneficiary. Read the post here.

I have added 5% of rewards from this post to be sent out to @pob-fund and will contribute 50% of the rewards for Friday as appealed by the community.

It is a landmark event in the development of the community. There are many projects which are funded by Hive community for which the development funds are used. On the #stem community there is a proposal of hackathon, on the sports community @amr008's proposal to start engagement was funded. There could be many more such proposals.

Expectations from Fund

On the similar lines there are different communities which offer the development funds for the future growth of the community. As an avid contributor of this community, i have a simple expectation from this development fund.

  • We should be able to make the platform so robust that we should be able to on-board new users to this community. We can offer integrations with twitter and other third party tools for on-boarding.
  • Secondly, we need to be in the dominant position in all the tribes on Hive. Currently #leofinance dominates the list of tribes.
  • As the stakeholders and investors are already working, we should ensure that the prices of the token are ever increasing - I have seen a huge growth in this platform in last couple of days.

If all the community members decide to contribute certain portion of their rewards for community development, i am sure we all will see the robust platform which would attract the users from outside the hive ecosystem. As the prices grow, we all grow and at the end of the day that is important in long run.

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Would love to see a different interface for the POB community. That really reflects proofofbrain, this will boost more user experience and easy use too.

I am also all in with the new POB-fund proposal. Together I believe we are stronger

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Yep, I totally agree that is up to us to make POB a great platform. I'm giving 10% to pob-fund in every post, because I truly believe in it.

My expectations are that we have a very user-friendly front end and appealing to new users, so the community can grow in a easy and steady pace.
Also that the main focus of the tribe is the content, not the rewards. Of course the gains are important and the price too, but for me it would be awesome to see that it's just a consequence of our use of brain. I know this one is not connected directly to the fund, but still I think it would be a nice thing to thrive for.

Thanks for sharing this ideas!
Keep posting and keep shining!

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