End of Engagement project disrupts Rich List

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@amr008 announced that he would no longer continue with the engagement project. He appealed everyone to withdraw delegations from his alternate accounts related to #sports, #dunk, #stem, #ctp #pob, #leo and #weed.

Many accounts have already withdrawn the same, though it would take some more time to reflect #pob power to come back in their accounts, the rich-list ranks are disrupted.

  • #pob curation account of @amr008 failed from 4th position to 6th and further decline is expected in another few days.
  • Many accounts withdrawing delegations are found to be back in the rich-list
  • @termindao was the biggest gainer of this week.

Summary of the Rich-list Changes

As many as 2446 accounts had zero or close to zero balance in their wallets on 13.09.2021. Last week it was 2143 accounts.

As many as 42.48% of the total accounts have negligible balance, last week the total % of zero balance account was 42.3% of the total.

  • 18 out of 50 maintained their ranks as it is, last week it was 13. This number indicates that the status quo has been challenged in the rich-list.
  • 15 Out of 50 saw their positions going down, last week it was 11.
  • 13 Out of 50 saw their positions improving, last week it was 23.
  • 5 Were new entrants to this list.

We are not yet able to replace @null from the richlist.

RankAccountBalance as on 1309Rank Last Week
24@allcapsonezero8628.426New Entry
38@oldmans5669.671New Entry
39@junkfeathers5537.275New Entry
41@phusionphil4959.896102New Entry
44@gillianpearce4409.918New Entry

Influence of Top 50 POB Holders

Last week when I posted the statistics, there were 11911390 POB tokens staked in the #pob power. Out of these 772931 POB power was staked in these 50 accounts.

This week the total POB power locked in the stakes is 1237748 and the total power with top 50 rich accounts increased to 825822.

Which means out of the total power staked, top 50 Rich accounts control 67% of the total power. The staked power of top 50 accounts have jumped from 64%. In the coming few days, more disruptions are possible because of the engagement project coming to an end.

How much POB Power you need ?

In order to be featured in this publication, you need atleast 3885 POB power staked. This amount keeps changing every week, last week it was 3382. This indicates that there is a good jump in the minimum threshold required.

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Interesting. I'm back i the rich list after withdrawing my delgation. I doubt I'll stay there long though once others withdrawals kick in. 😁

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I think the major question now is: who is going to take on the engagement project as it has played an important part in increasing engagement amongst community members?

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That would be something I was wondering about, as well. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next.


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I actually started investing in the #dunk tokens because of the engagement project. Engagement project coming to and end can be adverse for this new community which was gaining attention because of the highest APR in the engagement project. I hope soon there would be similar project

Hopefully , there will be a similar project or a come back from @amr008 soon.

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We are all waiting, the project increase the engagement rate in POB.

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I hope so,

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lol hurry up noobs, you can steal my spot anytime, im capped at 5000 POB until I see more utility as an investor. I am not the only set of eyes watching this either in my life...

Some family thinks that steem/hive is too centralized with their witness nodes, maybe we are still onto something, ill be holding onto my 5000 POB closely.

Haha, totally understand this. Whether or not to stake the incoming rewards gets me all the time, one mind saying stake just incase it blows up tomorrow and the other is like sell, just in case it's shit tomorrow...

My first post on Proof of Brain and was criticism for the potential pump, that did happen, and then the system buy support issues we would face...

Lol my first post says it all, we should have not pumped to fast and made more buy support.

While it's on my mind and I ask with all due respect, what was the motivation behind your large buy @jeffjagoe?

That single price movement is the main contributor to my average sell price which is insanely high over 2 POB per Hive.

i just saw it as a new, cool project on HIVE and the opportunity to become a whale in it, at the same time I was under attack from HW, so I figured it would be a hedge, because if they were going to nuke my hive account, I'd still be able to make some PoB....

It was really just spontaneous af on a really stoned night tbh but i dont regret it, and I continue to power up all the PoB I get

I really became fan of this account @jeffjagoe when it pumped the prices to almost 10 hive. Now with the delegations going away on #pob what do you feel about the future of the prices.

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Cool story, more thought out than I expected and yeah it is a good bet as a hedge.

I am in this 50/50 mind state if I should buy back into POB because I'd be one of the top 10 if I did

I was just approaching the top 50, but it's now far away again 😂
I'll keep on collecting POB until I'm on your list.

Not really far away from the 50th Position, you are on 58th Position. But looking at the developments in this week related to @amr008.pob project, many other delegators are yet to withdraw the delegations. As more and more delegators exit, their positions would get clear by next report.

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We will see what happens. It then will take a bit longer to climb the charts 😄

With no tome my boss will soon get to the pick and it wl look like a great miracles,

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Wow, This is so lovely and wonderful and bountiful statistics up there, Baby!

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I've been here the whole time! I just didn't make the list last week and should have.

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Oh yes, you are already a whale on some other platforms as well. You have already made a good contribution to this community during the conflicting days.

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Thank for the information, but it so sad to see @amr008.pob at number 6 but I believe with time he will be in his position back.

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It is difficult for the curation account to get back to the same position. Rather as more and more delegators start withdrawing the tokens, the account would lose more #pob power. Yesterday, when I posted this piece the total #pob power was close to 47000 but at the time of writing this comment it has already gone down to 40000. Eventually it is going to come down further. However, the main account of @amr008 might rank in the list soon.

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I'm just going to keep collecting and staking POB... simply because I believe in the project... but I doubt the top-50 is ever going to be within reach for me!


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Hmmm... Come to think of it...

One should act really fast as the value keeps increasing..

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Nice one.

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Good evening my able men of the high rakey, I greet you all .may you all grow successful, and may the sky be the steeping stone to you all. I use this opportunity to congratulatile you all also may the future of this riches get to the pick ameen onc again I congratulate all you.

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I love to see the richlist, its a real reflection of how the community is performing and what efforts the community leaders are taking to distribute the wealth. Keep it up. Its a great reference too