Disruption in richlist continued for second consecutive week

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@oldmans.pob was the biggest gainer last week. He gained 20 positions.

Its almost a week after @amr008 announced the end of engagement project. Delegators from different hive front-ends started withdrawing their delegations to his alternate accounts related to #sports, #dunk, #stem, #ctp #pob, #leo and #weed.

Many accounts have received their delegations back and this is now reflecting in the staked power. This has obviously changed the rich-list rankings.


  • POB curation account of @amr008.pob failed further from 6th position to 8th position and still delegators have not yet withdrawn 15000 POB power from this project.
  • @amr008 seems to have withdrawn his delegation from the curation project and now along with his curation account his main account has entered the richlist at 14th position.
  • @shepz1 is another account that gained significant positions.

#POB Richlist

Following is the list of the top 50 accounts that hold the most #pob power.

RankAccountBalance as on 2009Previous Rank
14@amr00815339.677New Entry
36@taskmaster44506599.044New Entry
47@coininstant4338.041565New Entry
50@nevies4179.775New Entry

Influence of Top 50 POB Holders

Last week when I posted the statistics, there were 1237748 POB tokens staked in the #pob power. Out of these 825822 POB power was staked in these 50 accounts.

This week the total POB power locked in the stakes is 1273180 and the total power with top 50 rich accounts increased to 856677.

Which means out of the total power staked, top 50 Rich accounts control 67% of the total power. The staked power of top 50 accounts is maintained at 67%. In the coming few days, more disruptions are possible because of the engagement project coming to an end.

How much POB Power you need ?

In order to be featured in this publication, you need atleast 4108 POB power staked. This amount keeps changing every week, last week it was 3885. This indicates that there is a good jump in the minimum threshold required. In last two weeks the same has jumped from 3382 to 4108.

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I'm still hanging in there I see. 😁


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I am one of the delegators who received the #pob power back in the wallet. Though, I am not listed here, I am just feeling curious to understand where do I stand exactly ? May be you can tell me the range of the position where I stand ?

Ok, thats a good question. According to today's data you are sitting on 329th position. You need to power up a lot to be in the top 50 accounts.

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I've powered up quite some POB, but the limit to be in te list also has gone up.
I'll just keep on stacking. I'm just over 3500 now. That would have gotten me on the list two weeks ago 😀

You are still maintaining your rank at 57th position and in the current scenario even that rank looks good.

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57th is nice. Thanks for the info.

Scintilating report and a very bountiful statistics recorded.

Thanks for the good work this information was really helpful and useful.

Bless up!👍🏻

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This is a very interesting report. I was delegating a significant amount to engagement project too. Can you check up where do I stand in the rich-list now ? Am I close to top 100 in the richlist ?

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No not yet you are not in the top 100 yet. You rank 112th in the rich list and to be in the top 100 you need atleast 1700 #pob. Then only you can get into the top 100.

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I will try my best to increase my stakes to get into atleast the first 100. For last few days I built the stake in #cine community. I am controlling more than 1% of the cine now.

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Getting into top 100 is not as easy task as it seems. You will not only need to buy more coins but will also have to contribute more and stake all of them to make it above 1700

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Thanks for the mention. Running out of people to buy off at a reasonable price now.

I think I need a million pob, haha.

I'm glad to see that the race to the top is getting fierce, very very fierce. Big ups to the big whales and @interpretation you're doing a. Great job

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wow I'm in the richlist! ;) But only because of a delegation

You may not know but as many as 21 accounts out of the top 51 mentioned above have received the delegations from other accounts. So its perfectly fine to be in the rich-list due to delegations. Congratulations and Welcome.

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The amount of #pob to be on the rich list has greatly jumped up.

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Great achievement of those POB stakers. It needs hardwork and fund to gain that rich lists. Congratulation!

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This is really interesting piece of information which gets published on every monday. But this is only limited to #pob and it can be replicated for other platforms such as #stem and #weed etc

It is not that easy to build the same reports for #stem or weed as it requires a lot of efforts and consistency to build such reports. I would try to create one off kind of reports but making it regular feature is difficult.

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