Analysis of Alexa Ranks of Different Hive Front Ends

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Alexa is a very interesting service owned by Amazon. It ranks all the websites on internet based on certain parameters which includes traffic and the time spent on website. There are many hive front ends which are gaining significant traction.

On many of these frontends, @amr008 runs his engagement projects. In one of his posts he mentioned that there is a significant alexa rank gain for #sportstalk because of the engagement through the front-end. I felt very curious to check the ranks and I checked the ranks for all of the front-ends which I checked last time and the results are here.
Four months back I did the exercise to find out the ranks of different hive frontends and the results were posted on hive and can be found in the post

Who gained rank on Alexa ?

Tribe NameTribe DomainAlexa Ranking on 13.05Alexa Ranking on 02.09Gain/(Loss)

Looking at the above ranks and the changes in the position it is quite evident that #stem has emerged as the clear winner in the race of gaining the alexa rank. It gained more than 2.1 Million positions in just 4 months period. #sportstalk is second after stem and #proofofbrain is the third biggest gainer.

Out of the 8 front-ends analysed only three gained the ranks with The worst affected front end in the last 4 months is which failed more than 1 million positions in last 4 months.

Engagement Project

Looking at the above statistics it is quite evident that the three hive front-ends which gained the alexa ranks are supporting engagement project run by @amr008. Whereas those who lost the maximum positions on alexa are not supporting the engagement project. #leofinance and #ctp have lost the ranks inspite of supporting the engagement project.

Let me know your thoughts on the same in comments.

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Oh God ! From last few months I have been investing in #cine quite regularly. I never thought of actually comparing these kind of ranking. But it is really sad to see the #cine ranking going down. In reality, even though the alexa rankings have gone down, I am seeing consistent curation rewards. That is why I have made a good amount of investments in #cine since last couple of weeks. However, it is the time to be cautious. Actually there is no incentive to use the #cine frontend, which could be the biggest reason behind this fall in rankings. Because from whatever little I understand, using the front end helps to improve the ranking along with the engagement like comments and it has got nothing to do with the tokenomics.

I dont feel there is any reason to worry about #cine till you understand the business model of #cine and you are comfortable with and have confidence on @raymodspeaks. The project is good and alexa ranks is just one factor

I am seeing some big sell orders for #cine tokens from one of the whale accounts @r-cine who is selling close to 5000 #cine. I guess the time has come when I should exit this counter. There is anyways not much engagement on this platform. Though there are enough posts for curation, there is not much of engagement on this platform.

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This is really amazing work @interpretation. May be you can also add the projects like #dunk to your list. I can also see some other projects like broadhive and weed missing in this analysis. But in last couple of days #stem has really done well and most of the credit for the same goes to its new ape project.

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I thought of adding these new projects, however I had no comparative data of these newly added sites with me. Some of these sites are not even visible on alexa yet. As they mature and as the data becomes available, I will certainly add the same to posts.

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True the comparative data would add more analytics to post and it looks good to read. Will surely wait for your future publications to come out.

#cine had some complicated tokenomics. The vote value that you see when you upvote the comment is different than the vote value for a newly made post and it further differs from the post which has already received 100 cine worth of votes. The curation rewards are very healthy for #cine tokens.

#stem and #cine both have author curves and that is the reason the vote values differ every time you go to upvote. The value of upvote depends on how much votes the post has already gathered.

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Stem is winning the ground because of different reasons. In the initial times it was known to be for only professors but then @themarkymark made it clear on different forums that its pretty open platform and you can post anything from your pandemic stories to maths problems. This become a relatable story after that

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In the initial times it was known to be for only professors but then @themarkymark made it clear on different forums that its pretty open platform and you can post anything from your pandemic stories to maths problems.

I tried to make it clear over and over it was never meant to be like that but the confusion with STEMSocial was always an issue as they have very strict guidelines for participation.

I always intended STEMGeeks to be hobbyist and amateur friendly.

Recent launch of APE, Surge of token prices have also helped the #stem token to be in limelight and many users have probably started using the #stemgeeks front end. There are many cool stories getting published on the #stem now.

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I can understand the case for #sportstalk, so many sporting events has been up and I guess the people in charge aren't relenting. #stem has really come a long way despite the fact that it's not generally relatable to a lot of people. Of course leofinance will exactly follow

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It really amazing by seeing the price in that ranking hope to see every where in the market to be green all through, this community is a great one good job done

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That is good engagement project.

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Great one you have done a very nice job by giving out the analysis of this all

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Seeing the increase of stem meaning that community is doing well, hopping to see shooting up in price more than this
Great job from you guys

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Great seeing the increase of the stem ranking. It really shows the platform is doing well. Also great seeing my two other favorite community proofofbrain and sportstalk following closely behind.

I have been regularly using the #stem frontend for creating and writing comments. Its quite rewarding sometimes as you get some good votes from engagement project too. Its prices have started increasing from just last few days

Great. Should be engaging more of their frontend too. Seems like a great place to be. Nice to see the price movement. Guess the ape game is somehow responsible for it.

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Not sure you understand what Alexa ranking is.

The lower the ranking the better. It is basically a ranking on how important the site is to the Internet. For example, Google is a ranking of 1, being the most important site on the Internet.


Also your numbers seem to be wrong, STEMGeeks is around 600-700K.

The problem is a lot of users don't use or post from these front ends, and the duplicate content issues makes it very difficult to rank a tribe site without a large user base.

Thank you @themarkymark for your comment. It means a lot. I would however request you to take a look at the rankings and the dates again. This is a post made almost 13 days back. On that date ie on 2nd September #stem ranked 796672. Which was a gain of 2.1 million positions from my earlier post which was made on 13th May'2021.

I dont know what made you think that I am not aware of the Alexa rankings and "Lower is the better".

You also mentioned in one of your answers that this report is wrong.
Can you please tell me what is wrong ?
Do you mean to say #stem is not outperforming ?
Do you mean to say #stem has not gained 2.1 million positions or
Do you mean to say somebody else outperformed #stem ?

I would request you to please read through the post once again before making any public comments.

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My bad, when I first read it, it looked like you had it backwards. The lack of commas in the 2nd Alexa column confused me at first glance.

It does appear STEMGeeks gained a lot recently, likely due to Ape Mining Club attention.