Physical VYB Token (3D Printed)

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Earlier this year I posted a 3D model of a VYB token. I am finally getting around to printing and posting pictures of the model IRL.

VYB logo designed by @vyb.vyb and used under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.




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Did you see the story on the fella that printed out guns and sold them to a gun buyback in houston for 150usd each?
I'm guessing the filament wasn't all that much.

And that was hilarious. Too bad they shut it down. Hell HTown isn't that far from me.

That was just too much.
That fella had his thinking cap on.

I missed that. I am searching Google news now to read about it. Thanks.

They have come out and said that they won't be allowing that anymore.

I'm wondering about even possessing such things, seems that would be a crime in our police state.

How can I buy vyb in the hiveengine.

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I really love video games where you go for an deep sea adventuring.
They're just so immersive.

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