Physical Proof of Brain Token (3D Printed)

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Image Source: Personal Photo

Recently inspired by a 3D bitcoin model I found on Thingiverse I decided to try to make my own faux physical cryptocurrency model.

Image Source: Personal Photo

I created my Proof of Brain 3D model on Tinkercad. I started with a blank coin model posted on Thingiverse by user ManMommy. I scaled the model up from 40 mm to 50 mm. The brain graphic in the center is adapted from an image I found on

Image Source: Personal Photo

It took less than an hour to print the physical representation of a Proof of Brain token.

Image Source: Personal Photo

Image Source: Personal Photo

I will most likely revisit this design later when I start working with metal filled filaments. As I get more experience with 3D printing I am sure I can improve on this design.

If you have your own 3D printer and/or want to make your own version the 3D model I made is available on Tinkercad and a .stl for 3D printing is available on Thingiverse. Both files are under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 license. Sharing is caring!

Image Source: Personal Photo

My Thingiverse account:
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3D printing community on Hive:

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This is so sick nice work! I always liked the idea of having one of those fake physical bitcoins that were knocking about at one point for the aesthetic 😂 !LUV

Really nice 3d printing of our favorite tribe. Love it

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I love it too

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Wow this looks dope happy to meet another 3D designer.
Can’t wait to lunch my 3D pob community I am creating for Pob chain

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Sadly, none of the images are rendering so I can't see what you've created. 😢

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For some reason the images seem to be only displayed on I've seen a few other posts with the same problem on Hopefully it's a temporary server issue or something like that.


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I see them on PeakD

3d printer is one of the things I would like to buy but for the moment I can't... but sooner or later I will buy it.
Very nice your realization!
!LUV 1

I was in a similar situation. I bought mine with stimulus money.

That's awesome, man! Congrats! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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This very nice 3d for the favorite. Very lovely

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Really well done job! The 3D printer is truly amazing and sooner or later I hope to buy it too.

Maybe I can buy it with POB tokens! Why not? It would be great! :P

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I like it! You are pretty good with that 3D printer. I have a couple ideas, want to put our Hive minds together?