Physical Hive Token (3D Printed)

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After 3D printing a faux Proof of Brain token it was rather inevitable that I would print a physical Hive token. Personally I think the red filament I used adds to the aesthetic qualities but I will certainly revisit this design when I start to experiment with metal-filled filament.

Just like the 3D printed Hive logo I used the hextacular vector file from the Brand Assets download section on Similar to the Proof of Brain token design I grouped the Hive brand asset with the blank coin model by Thingiverse user ManMommy on Tinkercad.

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If you have your own 3D printer and/or want to make your own version the 3D model I made is available on Tinkercad and a .stl for 3D printing is available on Thingiverse. Both files are under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 license. Sharing is caring!

Image Source: Personal Photo

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How much does the production of that physical Hive token (taking into account the plastic filament, printer maintenance, and electricity) cost? 🤔

You might want to 3D print the !PIZZA and !LUV tokens! 😆😁

That's an interesting question. I don't know about the aspects like maintenance and depreciation when calculating production costs. There might be something on one of the 3D printing forums about that so I might have to go searching.

Also might make a good Hive post. Electrical cost varies by location. Without checking I'd guesstimate the ballpark figure for the cost per token for plastic filament would be roughly around $0.20-$0.30 USD.

Based on your rough estimate, you will need to set the price to $0.40 to $0.50 if ever you want to sell some of those physical tokens you printed! 🤔

Thanks for your reply! 😀



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I am starting to run low on the red filament. After I run out I'll use black. Probably after that I'll try metal-filled filament so that might be a great time to print those tokens.🤑

Thank you for LUV and yummy PIZZA. Here's some !BEER.

Are red and black the most cost-efficient filaments available for (your) 3D printer? 🤔😅

No, red and black are the colors of the secret society we use to identify other members as we keep the price of SIM token low until holographic representation in dCity is achieved.✊

What I could only say about that is the following:



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The token looks awesome! This is perfect promotional material for some next HIVE Fest or any other cryptocurrency meeting... I don't have a 3D printer, but thanks for sharing in the name of others who have!

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Thank you. It's an honor I appreciate.

This is very nice and I don't have a 3D printer but maybe it will be useful to me in the future.

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Maybe one of your friends might eventually get a 3D printer if you don't get one first. You never know.

Lately I've been thinking about someday also getting a 3D food printer. Can you imagine a chocolate Hive token? Yuummm...👩‍🍳

This looks so cool @holovision. ✌

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That’s the incentive to get 3D printing again that I needed.
I’ll have to get some red filament

Really beautiful 3d printing from you on our favorite token. Great work

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Thank you.

Nice concept. Good work.

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Thank you for sharing !

Looks awesome!
I need to get myself a 3d printer!

Fucking awesome dude

This is an amazing machine

What's a great information. Good job of you

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Ok, good information

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