Cyberpunk 3D Printers (AI Generated Images)

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It's been said by others before but I will add my own variation with a 3D printing twist: The only way to deal with the future is to print it. The best way to predict your future is to print it.

The street finds its own uses for things. Just remember who printed those things.

Yesterday's post about AI generated images of steampunk 3D printers did well so here is a post showing cyberpunk 3D printers.

You can judge for yourself how well Stable Diffusion did generating images of what are supposed to be "cyberpunk 3D printers".

Image source: Stable Diffusion

I would hypothesize that the 3D printer below with enclosed printing area might be used to print something like black market microprocessors or maybe bionics. It has its own kind of keyboard and exterior cables. Maybe the keyboard and cables were added to the 3D printer by a hacker?

Image source: Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion seems to focus on vibrant, glowing neon lights after being prompted to generate images of "cyberpunk 3D printers". The lighting gives the 3D printer images a futuristic look but it also seems to lack the rebellious spirit of cyberpunk. Instead of DIY hacked hardware modifications the cyberpunk 3D printer images tend to look like showroom model technological art made by megacorporations only affordable to the elites of society.

Image source: Stable Diffusion

This is more like what I was expecting when I began to generate AI images of cyberpunk 3D printers. Multiple cables plugged into the top of the 3D printer frame. Limited futuristic lighting for display but also could pass as something homebrewed by a hacker complete with virtual exaggerated human skull. That skull could represent transhumanism and symbolize the merging of organic mortality and digital immortality.

Image source: Stable Diffusion


That's pretty badass looking! Personally I like function more than aesthetics, but it's still awesome!



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