ChatGPT Story Time!

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Gather round! Gather round! It's time for stories with ChatGPT.

Do you have a story idea but are too lazy to write? Do you have the beginning of a story but need inspiration on how to move it along? Maybe you have a two page outline for your next novella and you are curious if artificial intelligence can be a better writer than you.

Virtually any story idea you can come up with can be generated as a story by ChatGPT. The quality will vary. Generally the more specific and detailed your prompt is the longer and better quality the generated result will be.


Prompt: Generate a story about an adult man named Jerry. Jerry learns about blockchain technology and creates an account on the Hive platform. Jerry later tells his friends about what a great experience he is having and the all the benefits of a decentralized social media platform. His friends all decide to also create accounts on Hive.

Once upon a time, there was an adult man named Jerry. Jerry was a curious man and was always looking for new ways to learn and grow. One day, he stumbled upon the topic of blockchain technology. Intrigued, he spent hours researching and learning about the technology. Eventually, he learned about the Hive platform, a decentralized social media platform built on blockchain technology.

Excited by the potential of Hive, Jerry decided to create an account. After a few simple steps, he was up and running on the platform. He was impressed by the level of security and privacy that Hive offered, as well as the community-driven aspect of the platform.

As Jerry began to explore Hive, he found himself becoming more and more engaged with the platform. He found a community of like-minded individuals who shared his interests, and he was able to connect with them in a way that he had never been able to on traditional social media platforms. He also found himself earning rewards for his contributions to the platform, which was an added bonus.

Feeling excited about his experience on Hive, Jerry decided to tell his friends about it. He explained to them the benefits of a decentralized social media platform and how it could be a more secure and community-driven alternative to traditional social media platforms. His friends were intrigued by what he had to say and decided to create their own accounts on Hive.

Together, Jerry and his friends explored the platform, shared their thoughts and ideas, and engaged with the community. They found Hive to be a valuable tool for staying connected and growing their network. And they were happy to have found a platform that valued their privacy and security.

From then on, Jerry and his friends were all avid users of Hive, and they couldn't imagine going back to traditional social media platforms. They had found a new home on Hive and were grateful to have discovered it.

Don't like the story ChatGPT just generated? No problem. Additional prompts about what needs to be changed can be used to tweak the story. For example, a prompt to make the story longer by adding more details and dialogue where appropriate can make a good story even better. Just keep letting ChatGPT know what you want changed until you are happy with the result. Remember to let ChatGPT know to "keep the story" or else it might make radical changes to the entire story beyond what you request. Even if you "keep the story" some smaller details might be changed. The stories are generated algorithmically and ChatGPT can make minor changes to remain consistent with what is added or taken away.


Prompt: Keep the story. Remove Once upon a time, from the beginning. Change character Jerry to a woman named Janet.. Janet hears about blockchain technology on NPR and creates an account on the Steemit platform. Janet later tells her friends about what a horrible experience she had and that only internet trolls use decentralized social media platforms. Her friends all decide that blockchain and cryptocurrency are a scam.

There was an adult woman named Janet. One day, while listening to NPR, she heard about blockchain technology and became intrigued. As she researched further, she learned about the Steemit platform, a decentralized social media platform built on blockchain technology.

Curious, Janet decided to create an account on the platform. However, her experience on Steemit was far from positive. She found that the platform was overrun by internet trolls who seemed more interested in causing trouble than in creating meaningful content. She also found that the platform was not as secure and private as she had hoped.

Feeling disappointed and frustrated, Janet decided to tell her friends about her experience on Steemit. She explained how the platform was plagued by trolls and how it was not as secure and private as she had thought. Her friends, who had also been curious about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, were discouraged by what they heard.

Feeling let down, Janet's friends all decided that blockchain and cryptocurrency were a scam, and they lost interest in learning more about the technology.

From then on, Janet and her friends never spoke of blockchain technology again, and they warned others to stay away from it as well. They had had a bad experience and, in their minds, it was not worth exploring further.

Having trouble visualizing what you are reading? Using this to create a storyline for a video game or other media? Asking ChatGPT to create character profiles from the story might help.


Prompt: Create character profiles for Janet and Jerry.


  • Adult woman in her late 30s/early 40s
  • Has a background in business and finance
  • Has always been interested in technology and keeping up with the latest trends
  • Is a critical thinker and tends to research and verify information before making decisions
  • Has a strong interest in privacy and security


  • Adult man in his late 30s/early 40s
  • Has a background in IT and programming
  • Has always been interested in technology and keeping up with the latest trends
  • Is a curious person who is always looking to learn and grow
  • Has a strong interest in decentralization and community-driven platforms

Please note that these are fictional characters and the provided details are based on the information given in the story, they can be adjusted as per the need of the story.



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It is really crazy. Wait until the night before to write that English paper? Nah, I've got 15 minutes, plenty of time.

ChatGPT can also do your math homework. I am not condoning that. Just stating a fact.

Really though it can help teach math by solving equations and explaining how it worked out the solution.

Kids also use Photomath. Sometimes just writing the problem is too hard for them. Kind of think we may be heading into a dystopia like Wall-E or Idiocracy.