How to improve you brain activity?

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There are many ways to improve your brain, some available for everybody, some more exotic. Some implies big expenses, some can be done with or without training.

Let's see how this is going, as one of my main research few years ago was related to memory and how to improve remembering, better and faster. (I have also wrote a book related to this, so long ago that i may even forget what was the title, oh, no, I remember it, it was ''Never Forget'' - link here if you are interested to learn more about it).

But let's go back to our discussion. So, there are many way to improve your brain activity (and no, all that 10% or 20% or whatever is a myth, in reality things are never like in that Lucy movie, we are always using 100% of our brain, but there are differences in speed, quality and focus from one person to another.

Training - there are proven ways to improve your brain activity, and even the basic physical training will do that, increasing the production of some good for us hormones (such as the growth hormone, serotonine and many others). The increased blood flow is also a bonus. Then we have fancy ones, like meditation, tai-chi, biofeedback, to name few. If we go deeper, there are different kind of meditations, sitting, walking, with eyes wide shut or open, with support (music, idea, power phrase, mantras) or without support - like focusing on the Void, or on the silence behind the music).

There are different substances, more or less natural, that we can use, especially the class called nootropics - the mind enhancers. The most known is the caffeine, but there are natural alternatives - ginseng (i prefer the chinese to the korean and siberian one), Gotu Kola and many others, or synthetic ones - NAD+, resveratrol, pterostilbene, acetilcholine and so on. The book link is here, in case you need it.

There are some more indepth articles in here - once you go past the last series about Alzheimer prevention, you may find some older posts about nootropics. I tried to write like any normal person, but sometimes i become overexcited and start to add too much scientific data.

And to finish gloriously, i must tell you that the best way to bring balance, health and make your brain work like a superhero's one is the one i called Back to basics.

Back to basics means:

8-9 hours of sleep

5-6 glasses of normal water

a decent diet with at least 75% fruits and vegetables.

Diet and what we eat will interact with our brain patterns, this is why is better to avoid sugar, caffeine, alcohol and heavy foods in the afternoon-evening. Enough sleep, you realize that if you are getting tired and sleepy in the afternoon, that means you do not sleep long enough, deep enough. There is a whole ritual with this, creating the right temperature, having the right clothes, the right bed, avoiding white light 1-2 hours before bed (you know what that is, tablet, phone, tv) and maybe having a grass of milk for the Tryptophan. As for the water, this is by far the easiest and cheapest way to boost our brain, as some researches shown that being dehydraded can impact on our cognitive performance. Even if we do not have enough data, we know that it is bad for our health to not drink enough water.

With this, i hope i made you at least curious and more willing to take care of your brain.

Yours truly


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Sleep and plenty of water are very important to recover you body and make your brain stronger.
I also try to get into the bed on time so that i can take a good 8 hour sleep and always keep a bottle of water on by desk and try to finish at least 2 bottles in a day.
It's more of changing your life style and following the basic rule.
Thanks a lot for sharing the content.

Few small changes with great potential benefits, i am all in.

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Ooo! This looks like a good read! I just bookmarked your post for later! 🤜🤛

thank you for the appreciation.

I'm looking forward to reading this one tonight! As a certified personal trainer I spend a lot of time thinking about the ins and outs of all the health compounders. This, I can tell, is going to be a good read! I'll touch base again once I have read your post. How about that? :)

then you may like this one, i write the health stuff here: