Alzheimer's disease, gluten sensitivity and autoantibodies

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We already talked about the gut-brain connection and how this will influence cognition. Statistically speaking, even if only 6% of the people will develop coeliac disease (severe gluten intolerance in layman terms), many of us will damage somehow our gastrointestinal tract at some moment in our life (see this book and this book for more information). Gluten sensitivity can lead to leaky gut, which in turn can trigger chronic inflammation leading to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). There is a standard blood test to determine your gluten sensitivity, called tissue transglutaminase antibodies assesment in the serum, and obviously needs to be negative. There is also Cyrex Array 3 testing, to determine antibodies and also we can measure sensitivity to rye, barley, sesame, oats or rice, for example, using Cyrex Array 4. The result must be negative for both tests also. And if we need to explore further more, to find any autoantibodies from the group attacking the brain proteins, then we will use Cyrex Array 5. This one will asses a host of autoantibodies, and also needs to be negative.

Next on our list are the mitochondria damaging agents. The mitochondria is that part of the cell generating and supplying energy, and there are many chemicals that can damage our mitochondria, within short and long term exposure. Antibiotics, statins, griseofulvin, L-DOPA, alcohol, Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, cocaine, methamphetamine, AZT, thre is a really long list here. Even the ApoE4 alele might be associated with the mitochondrial damage.

Even worst, there is no definite test to evidentiate this. All we can do is to avoid the known mitochondria-damaging substances and chemicals.

And with this, our little journey into the early detection of the Alzheimer’s disease will end here. Take care!

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