Alzheimer’s disease and two very important vitamins related to it

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There are two important allies in the fight preventing Alzheimer’s disease (AD). I am talking about the vitamin E and the vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, it is closely linked with the memory formation, which as you guessed, is one of the main problems in Alzheimer. When is defficient, due to alcohol abuse or malnutrition-associated memory loss, has the fancy name of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. What you need to know is that there are foods containing thiamine-degrading enzimes (drinks like alcohol, tea and coffee, and some types of raw fish). Normal levels of thiamine are good for healthy cognition, so even if you are not suffering from ageing, cognitive decline and AD, it is ideal to keep healthy levels. The best way to measure it is by checking the thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP) in the red blood cells. The optimal value for TPP is between 100 and 150 ng/ml or, if you are doing serum thiamine, then the optimal values are between 20 and 30 nmol/l.

The second star of our story is the vitamin E, also known as tocopherol. To be more accurate, what we call in layman terms vitamin E is in fact a group of multiple molecules of tocotrienols and tocopherols. This set of compounds are protecting the fatty cell membranes from the damage done by the free radicals (and yes, i mean ageing), due to the powerful antioxidant action of the vitamin E. Even when is used alone, without any other treatmenSt, the vitamin E was shown to slow AD cognitive decline by some degree. The result were not spectacular, but they were proven to work. Anyway, you cannot expect to slow AD cognitive decline completely using only this vitamin. The optimal values for vitamin E (measured as alpha-tocopherol) are between 12 and 20 mcg/ml.

In the next post i will try to tackle the link between the AD and the gastrointestinal permeability (leaky gut).

If you want to know more about witamins and oligoelements, you can find everything about the normal values and much more in one of my older books — link here. I even made a huge promotion for you for the next 3 days (29–31.05.2020).

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The link in your post goes to a blogger edit page and not to a blogspot post.

The things that scientists are learning about vitamins are amazing. Keeping up with the research is difficult because scientists have found that many of the lettered vitamins are groups of chemicals. Apparently there are four tocopherols and four tocotrienols and that each of these compounds have different effects.

My guess is that treating complex ailments like Alzheimer involves a balance of the different forms of Vitamin E and B1. I suspect that the really astounding breakthroughs will come when we figure out the correct balance of these nutrients.

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I will check, is quite hard with links on hive, i often get them wrong

I read for the first time about such vitamins necessity. can you suggest any normal medicines or oral medicines that can help boost the levels of Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E in the body? can normal fruits and vegetables help in meeting the requirements of such vitamin intakes in the body? appreciate your help

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i gues i made a lot of friends there and there is quite crypto oriented, but diferent than hive. they also got clans and different ideas and features to add