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Hello all,

It is almost 2 months into my internship journey in UI/UX designs. We are gradually being eased into the design proper after a series of theoretical build-ups. I showed off my first 2 designs in this post and if you ask me now, I will tell you those designs reek of that of a total noob. I actually laughed at myself for self-sabotage. I have learned a lot more within a week interval.

Someone that is not a UI/UX designer might not see anything wrong in those designs but a mid-level designer would see a chunk of the faults from afar. Of course, I knew it was an amateurish design, just did not know they were that bad until I knew better.

Anyway, below is my latest tryout on a hero page for an e-commerce platform
hero page.png

For the first time, I actually put my creativity into this design and it came out decent. I said decent because even my mentors were surprised to see this from someone that made those earlier designs. I got to understand that what can make you stand out as a designer is creativity. When you are creative, originality comes easy and just a few minute scribbles can win you a noble price :).

Anyway, I just felt like updating you guys with my journey. I have been successfully promoted to stage 4 of the program and a huge task is currently at hand for me to submit by tomorrow and another one on Wednesday.

Let me know what you think of the designs above. I hope I am going with this minimalist approach the right way. If I am going to be working for @joerhino on his soon-to-be-launched website in the nearest future, I'd better sharpen my skills quite well because international ratings are like gold in this industry.

You can view and play the original file on Figma here

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If there's one thing I've learned here is that quality to one person isn't quality to another. Your design, to me, appears to be of good quality. How am I to know for certain? I'm curious if there's some kind of quality standard out there that's done the research for you in a larger population. There are standards out there for pollution control that works to standardize what companies can put out to the environment.

Could there be something out there that determines how people will respond favorably to what they see on a website?

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I agree that quality can be subjective. However, there are some basic elements of a design that can be used to judge its quality. These elements might not be obvious to someone that is not a professional in the field of designing.

Some of the issues with my first designs border around uniformity, alignment and consistency issues. These are issues only a pro will see just at a glance. In other words, the UI itself my look pleasing aesthetically to someone that is not a professional but have some fundamental issues in its design.

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Looking good Shaid!

Also, thanks for the shout out. Much appreciated. I could use all the help I can get.

Thanks, Joe. I will be more than happy to help out in any little way I can. Just do not hesitate to ask when you are in need and I am in the position to help.

Sure thing!

This is really cool.

We most time laugh when we look back at things.

Its not surprising.

I looked at the way I wrote back in 2017, I almost passed out

Thanks. That's why one should not relent in trying to improve. My writing has also evolved greatly, no doubt.

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Beautiful designs. 💥

And like you said, I just gatta emphasize on the creativity you put out, It was Top notch.💥👏🏻

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Thanks bro.

You are welcome.👍🏻

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I am no expert but it looks good to me but the important thing is you see improvement from your earlier design so it shows your making great progress

I found my way here via #dreemport

Thank you for the encouragement @tattoodjay

MOst welcome

Hmm, encouragement to do more is more than unnecessary criticism, especially for a newbie who has the seal to learn with passion. It is normal to reminisce about the past and burst into laughter.

Like you said creativity is the key when it comes to designing, irrespective of time spent. Keep growing!


This is very aesthetically pleasing.
You obtain a natural ability to construct beautiful web designs. I see a bright future for you :)

Well,it's only an expert that can tell that something is wrong with the first design. A commoner wouldn't know.

Glad to see that you've greatly improved. Nice work.


@dreemport directed me.

I am no expert lol but the design looks good :-) What's important is that you can see and feel the improvement over your last effort and that you feel you have moved in the right direction. I came to your post via @dreemport