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RE: Malaria Prophylaxis and Natural Selection

in Proof of Brain4 months ago

I also sometimes feel like leaving malaria to run its course and hoping that my immune system will win the fight. However, I got to understand that complicated malaria is no joke. I once saw a post here on hive of a laboratory analysis showing that someone's blood sample was had a malaria parasite population of 60%. I mean, that person is a living dead.

In other words, it is better to just treat your malaria once they come. waiting for your body to fight it naturally might lead to a more complicated health situation.

 4 months ago 

Assuming you are talking about my post, the patient did survive.

Can't say the same for the permanent damage and after effects. I do not have access to such privileged info.

You are right, I was talking about your post. I was not sure of the handle, I could have tagged you. I did say then that the patient might survive it but will definitely require blood transfusion as part of the treatment. Thanks for reading in between the lines

 4 months ago 

Totally. She went through several units of blood products if I recall, which made it even more challenging as she needed the drugs to stay in her system.

I can imagine what it's like. Probably her first time of contracting the parasite