I need help!!!

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That's not a click-bait, I really need help.

My UX/UI design internship journey has been moving at a rather fast pace and my most recent assignment involves the usability testing of the book donation application I designed a few weeks ago, I made a video about it in this post.

This is where you guys all come in. I need to perform a navigation test on some of the screens from the app. The navigation is aimed at completing a task. More specifically, testers need to login, donate e-book, and navigate back to the home screen of the app. There are no right or wrong actions. All that is needed is to login as a regular user just by clicking the login button, donate by clicking the donate book button, confirm your donation by clicking the confirm button, and then submit by clicking the submit button before clicking on the 'go back to the homepage' to complete the task.

If a mistake is made, the session comes to an abrupt end. There is no need to worry if you cannot complete the task. It is more about the app itself and less about you. Perhaps there are some tweaks that need to be made, but how do I know if you guys don't test?

Here is a link to the test: https://app.usabilityhub.com/do/1df6aa0f0122/4842

I hope you guys will find a few minutes out of your precious time to help me out.

Thank you!

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Wwell done bravo! Just returning from the app now, however, as a tester, I could not login, let alone donate e-book, as narrated. I only saw a comment box after making an attempt to login by clicking on the login interface. May be am wrong

All you need is to click login button. You are not filling anything. If you click on anywhere else apart from the login button, the session will end.

OK, submitted appropriately

Followed your instructions and there were no errors. I could login, donate and confirm donation and back to homepage without errors.

Thank you!