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RE: Tell me more oh experts about how the scientific evidence of generations has been wrong: "FDA: 'Vaccine hesitant' can't use antibody test to prove immunity"

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This is absolutely a huge scam on the world's population and taking advantage of human beings fear of infectious diseases.

Personally for the Wuhan viral institute to be engaged in gain of function viral experiments we now need to Nuke the entire site from orbit just in case any of these pathogens get out.

On top of this the Wuhan infectious diseases institute is ran by the Chinese military so basically Anthony fauci is funding gain of function research researchers who are apart of the Chinese military....

Now if that isn't quite the story I don't know what is.

And funny thing is he can't prove that he oversaw the projects that he was funding with the Chinese people's liberation army institute....

Not only has the Chinese government been caught but now the entire world has a problem especially when we have rogue Nations grading super diseases and then releasing it on to the world.

Thank you very much for your post.


Germ theory is exactly that, theoretical, it is a scam same as government, Fiat funny money and hospitals. No cure no money to be made, shit system, thought up by alleged intellectuals!

Lol we met a guy named Germ Warfare last night on the stream

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Gain of function research is very real technology and extremely unethical according to the international bioengineering ethics committee.

Any real scientist and bio engineering lab would be horrified.

Let alone with the extreme danger that this poses to all of the world citizens.

Your assertions like these will make you lose credibility, IMO. But go and take that as your null hypothesis, design an experiment with many trials to demonstrate results inconsistent with germ theory and do the experiment.

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Look up 'Projekt Emmanuel' and you'll see how germ theory is about to come crashing down again. It's been propped up by the Freemasons ever since their poster boy Pasteur did their dirty work for them. plenty of experiments were done in the early 1900's disproving germ theory. It's in the bag.

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You mean this?

Thanks for this.

ur welcome.

Fauci tried to leave the country bro he's probably already at Gitmo undergoing military tribunal

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There are more than 60 US funded bioweapons labs around the world. Some of them are even in America.

Please don't promote nuking America - or anyone else.

Just end their funding.

That's not going to get rid of the current super viruses that are in these labs.

How else do you plan on sterilization and removal of these extremely lethal pathogens?

Conventional warheads are just going to spread things around...

You could always use thermabaric weapons but... Those come with their own risks.

Funny how Chinese government built that entire institute in a population center.....

So yeah honestly enough there is no reason that any sane country would have this kind of gain of function research.

And if any one of our government officials was involved in this I think that they should be shipped to Wuhan.

It's going to come to nuclear warfare either way because the Chinese government is not going to let go easily unless we throw down.

Between forced Organ harvesting for profit as well as genocide?

How else do you enable communist China to perpetrate evil upon the world.

Basically you are doing the same thing that world did when Hitler was murdering an entire race of people.

Stand up for China and you stand up or brutality in the world.

I am bemused that my request to not advocate nuking Americans, or anyone else, is interpreted by you as supporting Hitler.

There are rational ways to shut these labs down. It has been done. Recently one of the American labs was shut down, in June 2019 IIRC, for a period of 6 months or so, because they had too many dangerous pathogen containment failures.

I strongly advocate against bombing people anywhere because they live near one of the many US funded biowarfare labs.

You may find conditions presently difficult for you. I assure you that in the event of war, particularly with nuclear armed nations such as China, you would not find them improved for you. In fact, you might not find them survivable, as the various countries you're advocating nuking would be highly motivated to kill everyone in your region.

While I am very unhappy with the state of American government, I do not consider that a good reason to kill all Americans. Since you're in America I expect you would agree with me on that matter. Nuking anyone anywhere is unacceptable, bad, and, if you don't really mean it, hyperbolic rhetorically.

If you do, well, I am left questioning your rationality.

I find it really funny that you don't know that it was fort detrick that was closed and that the corona viruses were transferred from fort detrick to the University of North Carolina.

Trying to force your opinion on anybody is a great option. And instead of trying to use reason you just go to bully behavior?

Well, I apparently forget names and dates too easily. I also cannot find any reason you might accuse me of bullying you or failing to present reasonable arguments to support my positions.

You do tend to hyperbole. I shall leave it at that, as your personal style isn't my concern withal, save I do recommend not advocating for nuclear war or invoking Godwin's Law.

Let's stop fantasizing about executing the people responsible with nuclear bombs. Let's instead think of something more feasible and something that can turn this around. And if you want anonymity, you're using the wrong blockchain. :)

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Quit telling people what to do.

I can do what I want say what I want here thank you very much.

And it is the easiest solution.

However the other solution requires massive amounts of ground troops and protracted ground war with massive amounts of casualties.

Or you can just execute the leadership and strike hard decapitating the leadership.

So which is it do you want to see millions die in a long protracted conventional or 1 million of your countrymen as well as the hundreds of thousands of coalition troops?

Nope. Nuke it from orbit. Clean nuke. Make sure the leadership of china is there or staged for execution.

Allow the Chinese people to be free and not having genocide and organ harvesting...

But hey let's just allow China to gear up and make the war longer....

It's not like they just leaked a super virus out of the lab again... Yep not the first time.

So.. pound sand. Don't tell me what to do say think or be. It's not going to go well.

Fair enough. Have a nice day. Oops, I did it again.

Who the hell made you a god damn weatherman....

Oops? Oops this princess...

The problem is, those that fund this kind of stuff are in D.C. and they are the same people who control the capacity to "nuke from orbit." When other countries all use this as a get rich scheme for big pharma, it seems like all governments are involved. Except notably African countries, South Korea and Sweden.

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I do approve of the bilderberg theory!!! Yep because the laws did not allow gain of function research in the United States and when we uncovered it and shut the programs down everything got transferred to where it was legal to continue.

Burn them out. Pitchforks! Torches!