Hive the Game Changer (How Hive Change Everything)

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He who get helped and don't say thank you is called an ingrate

The above proverb might really be for some set if people or I should just say region or country, but honestly it is just one of the best proverb that as ever exist so far.

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I will be an ingrate If decided not to talk about how well the hive ecosystem has done for me.

At a point I wanted to keep mute on the trend of how hive has changed everyone's life , cause I felt it is natural to get to a system, adapt and move along with the requirements of such system at that particular time, but at a point I got to know and started having this feeling that what would have have happened if that platform didn't exist.

It was at this point I decided to share my opinion and try to look at how the community as indeed help fast track a lot of things in my life.

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Definitely it was a game changer for me as it has indeed help to bring in a lot of knowledge and understanding as to what I don't know about at first , at a point in life I never imagine that I could get as much understanding that I have of recent it not for hive system.

Definitely it was the system that as indeed change a lot of understanding that I have.

Many might not come out to declare this, but for me I will sincerely say everything changed because I was on hive system.


Unlike other people that talk about how well the hive system has improved their social life, well mine might have come in a different way, but of all I couldn't keep the fact that I got exposed to alot of things and understanding here on hive system.

My social life too got more enlightened and I was exposed to lot of great understanding when I joined the community.


You can't be here and not understand what it takes to invest on hive system, this is definitely the best place to be , especially when you find yourself doing more on the Leo finance community.

One of the recent interesting news is the polycub airdrop that is ongoing in the Leo finance community ,most especially for all user who as deem fit to stake the CuB token so far.

Hive system on it own has indeed affect my life and every other person life when it comes to the high level of investment that comes with it, starting from it staking initiative that gives every user the ability to earn on each of the token staked in the community.

I remember a friend of mine said that, the hive system Investment initiative is another level of pension that comes with ease for everyone who have worked well to staked.

At a point I do ask myself that I should ask @onealfa what it takes to invest and earn rewards in return .


This is one part that I sincerely respect a lot in the system , base on the level of individual that the system has brought closer to each other.

Do I ever imagined that I could meet someone like @taskmaster4450 or even @readthisplease at all in life, definitely I will say No, but the system has indeed brought me closer to thousands of individuals in which have learnt one or two things from them.


You can't be here and be poor, that's the truth and I still want to stand on my words that , it is not a get rich quick intiative ,but still an initiative that won't make you think of poverty, but rather safe you out of poverty completely.

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Indeed this initiative as successfully safe thousands and if am not mistaken I will say millions out of unemployment , cause it as successfully serve as a means of generating income and getting them busy with life activities.

Indeed the hive ecosystem is definitely a life changer.


It’s a privilege to be mentioned by you, I am so happy about this. Hive changed my life, glad to see its influence on other people’s lives