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RE: POB outside POB #1 - The start was made

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That's so cool @vempromundo. A very noble initiative to reward people who are adding value.

I agree that value is everywhere and we must do our best to reward & encourage it. After all, things like these make us the most advanced species.

Please keep on doing this as much as you can.

I have one suggestion: I am not sure if you tell these artists about this amazing blockchain. SO while you are out there helping people, you might as well ask them to check this out.

I can make a Digital Card for you which you can give forward to these people and ask them to join the platform. That would be a great marketing medium for us. ^_^

Something like this would work wonders, and if you want, I can make a few more versions and the community can choose which works the best. I will make them in printable format so that anyone can get hard copies and distribute it.

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I even accept one with my @ writing, but it is difficult to invite people to the platform because it is all in English, and very few people in my country (Brazil) know how to read anything in English, let alone write

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