My Favorite Mind Bending 'Time Paradox' Movies!

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Every week @calumam hosts a "Word of The Week" contest on PoB Tribe. This is a great way to prompt our brains into thinking and get it to work. It will also boost the content richness of the tribe and stimulate engagement. Many people are participating and this week I thought I would give it a try. I almost forgot to do it though, but here I am submitting my entry on the last day. And most probably I will make it just in time. Winning doesn't matter much to me because I know creating a decent piece is a huge win in itself and I am looking forward to interacting with GOOD peeps of PoB. This week's word is:


I am sure many of you could think of @trostparadox ;) as soon as you read the contest post. Yeah, me too. 😁 I won't lie, it feels great when he or any other whale curates your content. It releases dopamine in your #Brain. All of them at the top are doing a great job in the distribution of PoB Tokens which is exactly what we need right now if we want this particular tribe to thrive. And yes, we need more of such contests that actually aid members to participate and engage with each other. After all, that is the essence of any social media website - to get social. Btw, do you also realize that Social Media disconnects us from each other too? (Digital world paradox). Think about it!

So, without further ado, let's dive into today's topic which is very much dear to me - MOVIES. Yay! 👻 Since we have to stick to the theme of #pob-wotw contest, I have decided to list down 5 of my favorite 'Time Paradox' movies.

What is Time Paradox?

Time paradox or temporal paradox is a logical contradiction associated with Time Travel. For example: If you go back in time and kill your grandfather in his teens, won't it kill you because you have killed someone who would have a hand in your own creation. Now if you were not born then how the future version of you come back to the past and kill your grandfather? This particular case is a great example of one of the most famous Time Paradoxes called the Grandfather Paradox. If you want to read more about this topic in detail, just go through this link and confuse yourself a little more. 😂

Three Of My Favorite 'Time Paradox' Movies List

Here is the list of my favorite Time Paradox or Time Loop movies that can baffle your minds completely. I will not give you any kind of spoilers, just a basic overview on what to expect.

Predestination (2014)


One of the most complex and 'not so easy' to understand movies of all time. Of course, it's based on the time loop where the main protagonist played by Ethan Hawke is a time travel agent. It is based on the Predestination Paradox and hence the name of the movie "Predestination". It occurs when a person goes back in time to prevent an event from happening in the future but becomes a part of that event and ultimately causes it to happen the way it was supposed to. A loop is created when event 1 in the past causes event 2 in the future and event 2 causes event 1 in the future. Get it? No? Then go ahead and watch the movie because I won't be giving any spoilers. You might have to see it two or three times to understand what's happening. If you have seen 12 Monkeys (1995) then you could related to this one!

Time Lapse (2014)


In this movie, three friends find a unique camera-like machine in an apartment of a dead scientist. It clicks pictures 24 hours into the future. A very tight and twisted time-based thriller where an entity that doesn't exist in the present, sends information from the future. They start using the pictures for their own selfish purpose. Soon their friendship starts to struggle when they start seeing pictures that reveal the ugly truths about greed and backstabbing. Personally, I have never seen something like this one, a must weekend watch.



If you are a fan of Bruce Willis just like I am, then you should go for it. In the future, time travel has been used by crime lords to kill people back in time. The assassination takes place in the past where suddenly a man appears from the future and gets killed with a gun. One day the assassin encounters his own future self and realizes that the crime lords want to kill him and close the chapter once and for all. It gets interesting when both versions join hands and fight back for their own existence. Sounds interesting right? It's not just science fiction but a crime-noir full of action and unexpected twists.

That's it guys, please let me know if you have watched any of these movies. Also, you can share your favorite Time Paradox movies below so that I watch them in case I haven't already. I love watching, reading, and discussing time travel and related topics because they often come with different kinds of paradoxes. So let's go!!!



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Had a lengthy conversation yesterday with my 22yo son about a time paradox movie screenplay he wants to write.

I encouraged him to get a hive account and start writing, one hive post at a time.

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That's so cool @trostparadox. Is he a professional Filmmaker?

We would love to have him here on the platform. It's going to be amazing!

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No, he just graduated with a mechanical engineering degree and has accepted a job as a software developer for a large software company.

This is just something he has been piecing together in his mind over many months.

It deals with a time-traveler's successful attempt to murder Adolf Hitler as a young boy, and the devastating results of that 'successful' plan.

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That's really cool. I like the name alot.

I have read about Hitler's Murder Paradox which is a classic example of Grandfather's Paradox. I cannot properly imagine what it's going to be like if that were to happen in reality.

Challenge of killing him is as big as the challenge of time travel itself. For ex: If you kill him and world war 2 doesn't happen then you will not have a reason in the future to go back in time to kill him. So it creates an endless time loop. It baffles my mind already.

I would love know how your son will solve this paradox and stop the loop. And what would be the result of it.

Please get him on Hive 🙏

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I won’t give it away, but he elegantly solves this paradox, and the story arc involves multiple time loops, each leading to a worse outcome after the time travelers seek to fix the problem they created earlier.

It kinda has a time traveler “Breaking Bad” feel to it, where the time travelers themselves have to resort to greater and greater evils to try to undo their previous one.

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...a time traveler “Breaking Bad” feel to it

Magnificient. This is enough to want me a movie made on this story. 👀

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I like the Re:Zero anime as a time paradox. The main character keeps reliving life until he can pass the current hurdle and depending on his actions, it changes how things move along.

Another one that I couldn't get to use to was the Steins;Gate anime so I dropped that in the middle.

That's so cool J. I am crazy about time loop movies like the groundhog day. I never miss them, especially the ones where you can relieve the same day.

I am going to add both of them into my watchlist. Thanks for the suggestions.

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