What do I want POB to be to me?

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I saw an interest article by @calumam about how POB cam stand out from the crowd and the comments where amazing and full of different ideas on what POB could be and it got me thinking, what do I want it to be?

First of all I like the idea of a community that is based around a desire to evoke something, not about a topic. I'm not saying topic community's are bad, I am a part of alot of them and love them! Just its nice to have a place to post based on ideas not topics sometimes, especially when I have some random thoughts I want to share ( like when I felt like explaing a bit about special releativity)

So back to what I personally would like POB to be? I would like it to be a place that makes me stop and think in a way I didnt before. If it makes my brain grow I am happy and don't mind really what the topic is.

So I tend to (and it may be wrong) upvote and support blogs that make me stop and think I.e use my brain as that is what I would love POB to be. Thats my small way of encouraging my vision for better or worse.

The downside is how do you recognise spam or report it ? I think I have seen spammy articles but with community rules as they are how do you even call it out.

So while I don't want to ruin this fragile, beautiful thing we are creating with to many rules I think I would like some vision on where we want it to head.

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I feel like it is up to the community to find guidelines on what should and should not be promoted. Written out rules might make the whole thing staler than without them. I think we should use our brains to judge case by case.

Not a bad thought and why I was hesitant to suggest we get hard and fast rules

The beauty of the POB stake power is that you can also downvote, many do not often do it - but if an artical is just copy paste spam posted to drain the rewards pool I feel a downvote is entirely justified. Moving forwards I will be selectively using my downvote power, Because I want the place to succeeded and not turn into a free for all spamfest with all rewards instantly being dumped onto the market.

So I tend to (and it may be wrong) upvote and support blogs that make me stop and think

How can that be wrong? lol
If everyone did the same, the place would be lot healthier (and possibly token prices would be much higher to)

Thanks! I was more worried about asserting my beliefs on a community:)

czar power.gif

Love it! Great gif :)

Nothing wrong with asserting your beliefs - It's not expressed enough.
It's an opportunity to learn. (for yourself and others).
Learning is always good.

p.s. criticism of ideas is also a positive thing, and not done enough on these platforms - if you're not a snowflake.
(And if you are, you have bigger problems....lol)

Thanks for that, im pretty new to this so still feeling my way but i am really enjoying getting to be a part of, and shaping, a new community

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