There is no set reference point - Beginners guide to Relativity Part 1

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I have always been a fan of Relativity, the idea that time and distance a fluid and changeable, a theory developed by Albert Einstein through a series of thought experiments. I am to explore each part of his discovery bit by bit in bit size chunks to helps share my love of it with other.

Today I am going to start with the most underrated, but most important facet: there is no one reference point. Now alot of people have trouble with this as we often use our speed relativity to the earth as a reference point, I go 60 km compared to the ground which is zero.

However if we lift our gaze and think about how fast you are moving right now it starts to look different. I am sitting in a chair so I dont realy think I'm moving. However from the suns point of view we are hurtling along at millions of km an hour on earth. From the center of our galaxy we are moving much faster then even that. All of these different points of view are called reference points and what Einstien said was not one of these is absolutely true, all are valid.


Ok quick thought experiment, you and your friend a in a choppy ocean and you cannot see anythings but ocean, its cold so you cannot feel the waters movement, its choppy so you cannot see your movement in the water. Suddenly you start moving closer together, who's moving?

You start to see it could be many different answers, is your friend moving towards you, are you moving towards your friend? Are you both moving towards each other? Or is one of you moving away slowly but the other person is moving towards the other a bit faster?

The truth is all the answers can be correct, and because of this there is not set reference point, no one universally agreed point in our universe from which everything is measured and rules of physics is applied and it is because of this, if you bear with, such funky things occur when explore further.

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From the center of our galaxy we are moving much faster then even that.

My imagination is just picturing me sitting on my sofa whizzing round at millions of miles per hour around some far distant star. The perspective is completely nuts to think about lol.

I know don't dive to deep!

Ohh I'm excited about this series! I would love to know more physics if it's taught in an accessible way ... looks like this will be that.

Thanks so much ! You have motivated me to keep going!


Tvery cool I loved

So glad!!

This dilemma of the movement of the water touched my brain, and in fact all the answers may be correct

Yay! Really nice to know the imagery worked (hope your brains ok)