Are you APE mining yet and why STEM is pumping

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Ok All so I just found out about this and jumped in.

APE mining is a new game by @markymark so you know its going to be good

Now I am not going to do a full guide because well... it's on the site but ill give you a give run-thru of what I liked.

You buy APE on the Hive Engine Market, currently selling at about $1, and is not inflationary.

You buy a miner to daily earn some of the pool. The pools start at 25 and double up to 200 APES a day. What is interesting is the miners start at 1 APE and 10x , then 2.5 then 2 times. So technically the reward to miners is worse as you move upwards to the 50 APE pool, however this is offset by the fact fewer people may be mining from that pool.

Ok so the other cool thing is you can just buy APE and HODL and get 10% of all the miners bought

The third thing, and why STEM is pumping, is you can own a pool and get 10% of all miner bought from that pool. You can steal a pool by paying twice as much as the last person paid to steal it. Currently, 128 STEM is needed to steal the lower pools.

Ok so been playing for an hour and currently have spent 26 APE. I also have 22 APE HODLing. and to date I have earned 0.278 APE, not bad for 1 hour but sure it will go down as others join and buy more APE.


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This gives a fairly good idea about how the Ape mining works. The prices are sitting near $1 but could not understand how stealing impacts stem prices? Do you mean you have to pay 128 stem to steal ape, for which investors are buying from open market, which in turn is pushing the price up?

Yep and I think Mark Mark said that yesterday more stem was burned then made


@coffeelovers! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @failingforwards.

Have you voted for Pizza teams Hive witness (pizza.witness)? (1/20)

Not really good with this game but should be grabbing some APES for keeps. Been coming across the name for days. Seem like a really cool one

It's pretty easy cause you don't have to stake APE so it stays nice and liquid

That's a good one. Holding it liquid seems good to me as long as I still earn from it

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Thank you for giving good update to the platform ,more grace.

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I bought 105 Ape worth of mining equipment today... can't afford to overthrow any empires yet though... my stem game is weak (and staked).

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Doing better then me! Most of my hive got turned into APE