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RE: Sexing, Male Chick Culling, and In-ovo Sex Determination

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Having to annihilate millions of chicks annually simply because they are not economically profitable sounds very cruel to me.

While reading through, I imagined these acts be done on humans. Imagine living in a society where everyone thinks the female folks are not important and kill them off at birth or that the male gender isn't important, and they are gotten rid of at birth

Mercy killing is important, however for children who have deformities that are detrimental to their existence, and I know it is always painful for parents to kill their children because of a particular illness

Such illness could be ones that make the death sentence a better option for the fetus

But doing it to animals is quite inhumanly, wow, did I just say that? I must be a villain to think it is better to preserve the lives of animals than that of humans

I should stop this comment here before I say more terrible

Your sexting research is fine because I have learned of something I did not know especially knowing the cotton are separated because of its economic importance

Thank you for the lessons

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Thank you for reading through and making a comprehensive comment. Mercy killing is not common around here. People just try to be as humane as possible to children with seemingly terminal illnesses or deformities until their time comes. I do not know if this is an acceptable practice anywhere in the world?

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Yeah, I don't know if it is an acceptable practice too but I am sure most people practice it secretly

And we also treat people with terminal illnesses and deformities, the same way you do

Thank you for reading through and making a comprehensive comment

You are welcome

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