Technology, the masterpiece of easy living

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The word, technology, I am always confused whenever it comes up. As a child, I have seen lots of science fiction movies, and at the mention of the word, technology, my mind reverts to those scenes.

But if you want to typically understand technology, you will need to go back in history. Looking through the glass of where it all began.

You know, technology began about 3.3 million years ago. When sharp blades of stones were innovated into knives, and the unshaped ones were used as hammers. This was the period of the Palaeolithic.

From there, humans created a means by which fire can be gotten, agriculture was used as a means of getting food, instead of depending on foraging.

At some point, clothing was derived from plants, clay was also used for pottery and bricks.

The need to expand the agricultural sector gave rise to the invention, of the irrigation system. Coordinates and directions witnessed the introduction of sailing ships with oars.

War brought about the invention of gun powder, and the production of the iron became widespread.

The horizontal windmill was invented by the Persians, and Europeans made the vertical windmill.

As time progressed, hourglass and water clocks were replaced by mechanical ones. Magnetic compass joined the direction team.

Humans wanted a way to disseminate information, this brought printing machines into existence. But the industrial revolution had an important invention, which was the Steam Engine.

Freedom of movement was needed, railway locomotive solved this problem in 1804. Then, Robert Fulton built the steamboat for movement on water as well.

The labor-intensive act of harvesting was reduced by the advent of reapers. We were able to bridge communication gaps when Graham Bell made the telephone calls possible in 1876.

Today, cars using internal combustion engines can do so, because, Otto built an engine that moved a piston because of the presence of burnt fuel.

We could only afford to have such amount of brightness and lights everywhere because someone thought of a means to scrape off a little bit of darkness. That person was Thomas Edison, and he helped by inventing the Electric light bulb.

Fast forward to 1885, Karl Benz used a one-cylinder engine to power an automobile. Humans had radios, and the Wright brothers gave us wings by inventing the airplane.

Moving forward, Robert Goddard, was able to create a liquid-fueled rocket in 1926. Before, we knew, motion pictures became possible as a result of Television and cameras.

As though that wasn't enough, electronic digital computers were made, soon, smaller, and more portable ones were possible because transistor on a semiconductor chip was introduced.

Then the boom that we are all enjoying today.....the internet. We had TCP/IP and it became how information was disseminated digitally on the internet.

Soon, nuclear power came up, and so did space flight. By 2012, CRISPR was created to help with editing genes.

Progressively, Artificial Intelligence surfaced, alongside blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

With all of this and more, technology is seen as technical know-how. The knowledge of being able to make things that seem almost impossible in the previous years

The role of technology continues to grow and shape our lives every day. It has been able to meet our various needs, and it will continue to do so.

Technology is here to stay and we have been able to embrace it and at the same time, adapt to the various changes it brings.

The bottom line is technological tools if properly enhanced will to a large extent help us

This is a video and text collaboration introduced by DCooperation. This one was created by @lennytheblogger and I. Thanks lenny for taking the time to create this video. I appreciate. #dcc

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Help us ??? ... LOL ,.. have some 90th's techno .

That's a really cool and fitting video. +1

Music video's where still epic back in the 90th's ... less technology more fun visual story's in them .. So , where's your head at ?...


You already interesting videos 😂

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Technology is not above me or a god to me ...
Technology ,.. led to virtual insanity ...

Don't ever let the technocrats rule over nature , many people suffered and died for the technology you worship right there in your hand . Find the balance , keep the balance , do not become a tool .

Technology has given us facilities, its advance in the good sense of humanity is favorable, but on the other hand, technologies should be friendly to our planet.

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Yes I agree

Technology should really be friendly

Thanks for stopping by

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Strange I didn't find that in #dcc before. lol

@lennyblogs00 has a very good English. I like it. ☺

By the way, in the end correct his name. He is @lennyblogs00.

So, you just wrote the teaxt and he read it for you and send you the video ? That's cool. ☺

Strange I didn't find that in #dcc before. lol

Lol. I noticed it that day when you brought up the tag issue, because I searched up the #dcc tag to find out more about contents other users are putting up to earn such privileges, behold, my collaboration wasn't among them

By the way, in the end correct his name. He is @lennyblogs00.

Oops.... I apologise, but there is no way, I will go back and struggle with editing that post. Using 3speak and not adding everything at once was a mistake I hope not to repeat. Next time, I will do everything gradually, paying attention to all the details, so I don't have any reason to edit it.

So, you just wrote the teaxt and he read it for you and send you the video ? That's cool.

Yes, sire

And yes, his voice is nice but dreamy 😁😅

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