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RE: NFTs - Future of Creativity Or Flash In The Pan Novelty?

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I know someone who is an art curator. He manages world famous super talented artists. He prefers instagram for this reason since his artists images are stolen all the time online. In fact his website is lackluster for this reason.

I have been trying to get him to promote his artists on Hive as he finds using crypto vital for overseas transactions but the very overseas customer base misuses his images all the time and that images are easily downloaded and repurposed.

Having a standardize way to maybe embed a watermark into the image that only allows it to be seen with the 'owner key' and only allowing it to be seen on permitted chains. But like you mentioned there is no standardize way to do this on multiple chains, at least yet.

The virtual world however has been creating a space for NFTs for a long time. For example you can design high end coffee tables or exquisite chandeliers and even historical landmarks in the virtual reality space...


Yes, a method of only allowing the low res preview versions of artwork to be available to non owners would go a long way to protecting pieces up to a certain point.

I hadn't seen OVR before, I'm sure there will be many such ideas in time - especially as the cost of minting NFTs reaches zero. Let's hope we don't reach a point where there is a 'lifechain' owned by Bill Gates, where everyone gets their own NFT at birth! :(

The possibilities are definitely infinite seemingly🏴‍☠️😄