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RE: Tell me more oh experts about how the scientific evidence of generations has been wrong: "FDA: 'Vaccine hesitant' can't use antibody test to prove immunity"

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It's easy. I am not an absolutist. I don't pick examples and say "this proves X" and ignore cases where it does not. It is easy to pick a side and decide that is the way to go. It is also easy to become entrapped by dogma on any subject.

I question everything. When I find things that are false I do not assume that makes everything false. Likewise when I find things that are true I do not assume the rest is true as well.

Admittedly my path is not easy. I see people (and I have done it as well) who try to simplify problems. Yet in the process a lot of things end up being conveniently ignored to support the narrative.

Climate Change
Good vs bad Bacteria

Here is an easy concept to explain this good/bad.

Parasitic vs Symbiotic

Some bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with their host. Other bacteria seem to have a parasitic relationship. I am not calling them PARASITES in the traditional since but more as something that consumes without concern for the host.

You can see this in human activity as well.

We do some actions without concern for the impact on the environment, and then sometimes we are hyper focused on the consequences.


There are things that can be proven in science and not one bacteria has been found to be 'parasitic'. If you find one you can prove there is one but nature doesn't work that way. It wouldn't make any sense. Humans have a long way to go before they can be as symbiotic as bacteria ;-)

You really do like absolutes. "NOT ONE"

How about flesh eating bacteria?

That is bacteria's job, to break down dying and dead tissues and cells. So you could call them all 'flesh eating' lol

Parasites are just doing their job as well.

The difference between Parasites and Symbiotes tend to be that one is beneficial and can coexist with it's host. The other is detrimental and can destroy it's host.

There are definitely bacteria that fit those definitions.

I absolutely disagree hahaha

Switching subject a bit... don't want to spam your post. Though feel free to respond as a blog post if you prefer.

What do you think about Bacteriophages? They are viruses that we have photos of with electron microscope. You may have already written about them and I missed it.

I was considering the statements that we have never seen a virus. Yet there are a few cases where we have according to photos.

Were they misidentified? Do you think they were fabricated? Do you think perhaps they took the photos but then let their speculation lead them the wrong way on what they were seeing?

I know you agree that bacteria exist. You do seem to indicate viruses do not. I am curious what your take on this is.

Honestly I think you are the first person I've ever spoken of that indicates viruses do not exist. I've seen/read many cases of people saying specific viruses don't exist. I've never met anyone that said that viruses don't exist.

See... I haven't given up on your ideas. I agree with a lot of them. Yet since it is new I am thinking about it. Asking questions and I am looking myself as well.

I did actually address bacteriophage in my virus article yes. Yes they do exist and what they have done is take what they know about bacteriophage and copy/pasted it onto their virus hypothesis. Quite slick how they did that. I thought it was clear in my article so yeh you must not have read it. The one called Going Viral.
Oh and don't worry about 'spamming' my articles, I don't deem questions as spam. It's POB to ask questions.

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I'll check it out. I don't think I finished that one as work needed me for something when I was reading one of yours. That was probably the one. I'll go check it out again.

I also found myself thinking they could definitely try to label some bacteria as virus to support their narrative. I've definitely seen them use techniques like this in other places.