AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH 2021: No Social Distancing, No Masks, No Vaccine, Low Health Standards... Very Low COVID Deaths. What is going on here?

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I was browsing through news. I tend to dig through a lot of different sources that I used to aggregate here on the @newsagg account. That took more time than I have now. That doesn't mean I've stopped looking over a lot of news almost daily. Today I saw a piece on that jumped out at me.

"How do you explain this? In Haiti, one of the world's poorest countries, they don't wear masks, they don't social distance, zero vaccines have been given, and almost nobody is dying from Covid."


That title above is accurate. Haiti. You know that place that health crisis, crowding, and other things have been talked about for decades? Well it turns out they have had no social distancing, no masks, no vaccines, and yet strangely they've had virtually no COVID deaths.


While I do think there is a lot of lying and propaganda going on around COVID even that one was surprising to me. That was a bit beyond the results I was expecting to encounter.

I know that in the U.S. the states with the least amount of restrictions have been far from the worst places ravaged by COVID. In fact, the worst places end up being some of the most authoritarian and heavy handed in this process.

I myself have only been concerned with the percentage of cases that translate into death for a long time now. I don't care about the number of the cases as I understand how PCR testing works and if they vary the number of cycles even a little bit we can suddenly have what look like surges. This is also why people can be tested one place and found positive, and another place found negative. The amount of cycles used are important. With enough cycles you can find any substance on any person. Even the person that invented the test and won a Nobel prize for it indicated the test should not be used for this type of testing. He died before COVID and was talking about it when they were using it for other types of illnesses.

What do you think is going on in Haiti?

My mind is racing to a lot of different places right now.

I'm going to do some research and post some of the things I find here...

  • - "In Haiti, virus crisis leaves cancer patients in limbo" is not talking about COVID being the problem it is talking about a cancer patient that needs to fly out of the country due to cancer and needing a surgery that cannot be done there. Why? Restrictions on flight due to COVID not at Haiti, but at other countries.

  • - U.S. Embassy in Haiti - COVID-19 Information - "Haiti had 12,944 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 251 deaths and a 5% test positivity rate as of April 8, 2021. The mortality rate continues to trend downward and is currently at 1.97%." - and "The Government of Haiti has implemented measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. Mask wearing is required in public and in instances where social distancing cannot be maintained."

That is indicates according to the U.S. that there is a Mask requirement, and social distancing yet how recent was this done? Is anyone actually following it? Is it enforced? How long has this been the case?

Further information from that website:

  • "Has the government of Haiti approved a COVID-19 vaccine for use? No"
  • "Are vaccines available in Haiti for U.S. citizens to receive? No"
  • "Which vaccines are available in Haiti? None at this time"
  • "The United States Government does not plan to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to private U.S. citizens overseas. Please follow host country developments and guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination."
  • "There are no consequences publicly listed for violation of COVID-19 mitigation measures at this time; however, this does not mean that non-compliance isn’t punishable by law."

Now here is a different piece of information from the CDC.

  • - COVID-19 in Haiti - "Level 3: High Level of COVID-19 in Haiti"

I'm not going to go conspiratorial here. It is up to you how much you trust this organization at this point. I was following COVID before there was anything on the CDC website about it. By they time they finally had information on it, I'd already had it, and was not particularly worried about it. We were wearing masks at my house before anywhere in the country mandated it and people gave us funny looks. By the time the mandates came we no longer thought they needed to be worn as we'd studied and realized they couldn't block COVID anyway. I personally was wearing some N97 variety before any mandate. I almost passed out a couple of times due to restricted breathing. So I will fully admit with a lot of the politicized statements and actions I've seen from the CDC in the past few years I don't consider them a particularly "Scientific" authority. There are scientists within the CDC but I've seen little evidence they are the ones doing the talking and a lot of what has come out there has had nothing to do with science at all and has been completely political. Some of it I've even considered propaganda. I disclose this in order to be honest. My goal is not to mislead you. I do not trust the CDC, or the WHO at this point.

Anyway let me continue posting some things the CDC states about Haiti:

Well other than that threat level they don't actually post any statistics to back it up. It is just about requirements for traveling to and from there.

The following image I just captured from John Hopkins speaks volumes...


Often a picture is worth at least a thousand words. ALL TIME. Yet recall how the CDC classifies it.

For those of you that don't want to bother with the math. That is a 1.9% mortality rate of the confirmed cases.

The population of Haiti today according to is 11,522,423 people. That means the confirmed cases are at 0.1% of the population. Let that sink in. Again consider the CDC's classification...

Again to be honest.. we don't know how many people they have actually tested. That 0.1% is only accurate if they test EVERYONE which we know they have not. Furthermore, the U.S. Embassy listed the positivity on tests at 5% which if accurate would indicate about 263,000 people have been tested.


There is the WHO just for good measure. 15 new cases. Are you thinking crazy things like I am?

I am going to stop here for now... I need to mentally think about this for awhile.

UPDATE: I looked into Vietnam as well at a recommendation. You can see some info about that in the replies and comments section.

However, @stevescoins suggested that perhaps Haiti was having so few problems because it might have a common supply of Hydroxychloroquine which works amazingly well against COVID and is very inexpensive (almost no profit to big pharma). HCQ is common for treatment of Malaria and other illnesses. It wouldn't surprise me if that indeed may be a reason.

I did a search on Haiti and Hydroxychloroquine and I found the following article from back in May 2020 (yes a year ago). You know back when Trump started talking about it. The media attacks anything Trump says so of course they attacked HCQ because Trump pointed it out. The manufacturers of the very expensive Remdesivir (not as effective as HCQ) which includes investors like Anthony Fauci were very happy to see this super inexpensive HCQ destroyed by the media. It was about to destroy his profits on Remdesivir. It also made the need for a vaccine non-existent. Why vaccinate something that can be easily treated? At that point the dangers of the negative side effects have a much higher percent of occurring in a person than it being something beyond HCQ.

Miami - Herald - May, 2020 - "As COVID-19 cases rise in Haiti, president looks into Madagascar’s purported miracle cure"

"Haiti President Jovenel Moïse and Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina both discussed the drink during a video conference on Tuesday. The drink is derived from the artemisia plant, which has long been used in the treatment of malaria, and other indigenous herbs."


"The media attacks anything Trump says so of course they attacked HCQ because Trump pointed it out."

I think Trump was controlled opposition and/or a useful idiot to the deep state. He was made to talk about HCQ so that the media could then attack and demonize it. All safe and effective treatments and cures have been suppressed in various ways, so the masses believe the rushed gene therapy injection is their best bet.

Thanks for reporting on Haiti, I hadn't realized how low their numbers are. A lot of poor countries seem to be able to shrug off this pandemic. Very interesting.

Oh and I am not a fan on Trump's push for the vaccines. So while I think overall Trump did way better than I think anyone should have been able to in the circumstances the media and his opposition had him in, I also don't like a number of things he did.

In my eyes he ended up being the best president in my lifetime despite the negatives. The bar wasn't set very high though.

I didn't vote for him in 2016. I voted 3rd party Libertarian. I did vote for him in 2020 along with 11 or so people in my family that didn't vote for him in 2016.

I haven't written anything but some new info is coming out about Chile. Feel free to post something if you're up to it.


Looks like that report is a couple months old now.
The official death numbers for Chile show almost no second wave at all. Their numbers have been decreasing for a good 6 weeks now. Things are calm there now.

Okay... good to know. I saw that article but hadn't actually investigated. It is partially why I don't share direct links to sites like that. I usually go and verify their sources before hand and then if there is something to it I present my own perspective.

I see a lot of stuff on Gateway Pundit, and on Natural News and it can be very slanted so I always go look it up myself before writing anything.

Sorry I steered you wrong, but also I'm glad you put in the effort to find out.

Makes sense, I usually go the other route. I look mainly at mainstream media, and decipher the propaganda to see what they're really signalling, and how the deep state/elites really feel. Both ways are important strategies, and we combined forces to meet in the middle, where the truth lies.

Have you heard anything in the past few days on Seychelles? Seems like a blackout of info since the revelation about reaching 67% vaccinated yet still having harsh lockdowns, and increasing deaths.

I reblogged, upvoted, and cross posted your Seychelles post in Proof of Brain community. It is well done and needs more visibility.

I haven't seen anything about Seychelles. I'll let you know if I see anything.

I tend to go through a rotation of about 30 news sites. naturalnews and gateway pundit are two of those. They often are ahead of the curve, but I do have to do my own research to verify because often their delivery will be shall we say exaggerated. There is usually something of value there but the delivery is a bit over the top.

None of the forums I was lurking in over the weekend said anything about Seychelles.

Wait yes. I have seen something about Seychelles. I just always forget that is the name of that place off of the coast of Africa and North of Madagascar.

I haven't heard anything recently but I did hear they were more than 67% vaccinated at some point.

I think Trump was controlled opposition and/or a useful idiot to the deep state.

It is indeed one possibility. I haven't discounted that.

Though I've seen nothing that makes that absolutely the case.

I personally think he has areas he is knowledgeable about and didn't need advisors for. In those areas he did absolutely fantastic. In other areas he relied on advisors and he was given very bad advice. Choosing those advisors was a mistake but it was also not an area I expected him to be knowledgeable in.

You're not going to be particularly effective at draining a swamp if you keep picking advisors from a pool of swamp creatures.

You are also not going to be particularly effective in modern tech areas if through nepotism you take the advice of a son-in-law who clearly has his own agendas.

That doesn't mean you may not be right. As far as I am concerned both what you presented and what I presented are possible.

I don't have proof of either so I will not form my actions in that regard assuming either were accurate.

In this case when it comes to HCQ the end result is the same regardless of which one might be the case.

Oh and it could also be with regards to Trump that it is neither what you stated, or what I stated but instead something neither of us have thought of.

Refer to page 18.


Hell... I'll just paste that page here...


EDIT: Bummer unlike the original post the comments do not let you enlarge the image by clicking on them. (ACTUALLY, Right click, open in new tab or window works fine)

Yeah, it's just useful to be able to embed the pdf for people to see. The document can be downloaded too.

Just think... the Nazi's had to force people into trains and into prison camps before they could make them be their human guinea pigs.


Yep. I like both. :)

Thanks for the info...@phusionphil

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Anyone here think that mask wearing can make the spread of the virus worse and allow easier infection?

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It can. There have been some well worked out studies on it. I went down the rabbit hole yesterday and found so much stuff. I was lurking on medical forums, and such.

I found so much I haven't quite come up with a coherent approach to writing anything about it yet.

It's virus that doesn't survive fresh air and sunlight, and we shut everyone up indoors and put masks on them.

There are some other possibilities too that are a little more conspiratorial, or perhaps just in addition.


Who knows? I will say that I sleep better when I'm in a different room from my router. I don't think anyone really knows what the effects of 5g are.

Yeah. I don't know. I've read some people reporting COVID seems to hit harder where 5G is present. It could be true, it could be false. This is the type of thing that would be quickly ridiculed without doing any study for validity.

I was just trying to think of what factors would make Haiti have this rather extreme outcome.

Vietnam might be worth looking into as well. They've had almost no lockdown measures.

Have you looked into them?

Looking at some of the same sites I looked at previously they have more mitigation and things going on than Haiti.

Here is the us embassy page for Vietnam.

Comparing that to Haiti there is a lot more being done there.

CDC classifies is as Level 1: LOW


Yet from the embassy site it seems like more is going on there than Haiti. It is almost like those that comply also must comply with the fear pushing.


That is from the WHO.

NOTE: They are administering vaccines there. None are available in Haiti.

Population of Vietnam 98,075,681 according to the same worldometer site I grabbed the population of Haiti from.

I would bet that Haiti employs a lot of HCQ to combat other diseases.

The argument has been made, although not verified by me, that Africa has much lower COVID rates due to a common use of HCQ.

That could explain a lot. Except for the propaganda it is pretty common knowledge that HCQ + Zinc + and anti-biotic work amazingly well against COVID. Way better than these so-called vaccines, and Remdesivir. Just not nearly as much money to be made off of HCQ. It is really inexpensive.

HCQ has been common in a lot of these places due to Malaria and other things that HCQ is traditionally used to treat.

That indeed could be a huge factor.

I'm like you in that I still read a lot, but I rarely have the resources to post and discuss (working on a masters & dealing w arm pain)

you or your readers might take what you've done here and expand it in this contest for SBI rewards:

What I'd like to see is a post about the methods of Informationwar the self-proclaimed "elite" are using to push the vaccination passport...and how to counter that.

As always, let me now and I'll remove the link ;)

It seems to me that there is a certain level of exaggeration regarding Covid, however Haiti defies all forecasts, it is one of the countries in the Americas with the lowest number of infections and deaths.

I just stumbled across another HUGE thing. Perhaps larger than the Haiti thing. I had to post about it too. I didn't plan to, but it was too important not to say something.

I got curious and went to read your post, very good information, all the manipulation is being uncovered.

But on the other hand, what the heck is going on in India?

Well... there are other factors. And India and Haiti are quite different. Though you can visit the embassy website, the CDC website, and the WHO website for India and find that out yourself. In fact, I was thinking about that earlier and will go ahead and do it here because I too was curious.

US Embassy in India
A lot of guidelines...
Yet they have vaccines (though now a shortage), and other things that Haiti does not have.

Looks like CDC is calling it a "Double Mutant" virus there... (if you trust them).

They classify it as LEVEL 4: COVID-19 very high. Haiti they call Level 3


Haiti has had no vaccines. It looks like India has had over 160 million doses...

@stevescoins and I were positing that Haiti may be due to HCQ being pretty common there and other anti-Malaria medications. It could be other things as well. Other things that are in most nations including India but not in Haiti...

Haiti is very unusual.

Haiti was also a focal point of Clinton corruption efforts, so secondary effects of an incompetent may also be a factor