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RE: Biggest Single Week Drop in the Engagement on #pob

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All ends are a chance for new beginnings. On Dunksocial we still have @dunkcurator paying dividends for delegations, hopefully we see another individual stepping up with an engagement project in the future!


That is an interesting ones from @dunkcurator,I strongly belived that with our engagements here will bring more people with project that will give us more dividends for delegations.

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Yeah, You are right. A new beginning leads to a better end.

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Do we delegate #dunk to the account to get the daily dividends from @dunkcurator? I guess that could be an interesting model to look at for #dunk coins after the engagement project has halted.

You are right you need to delegate the #dunk to the account of @dunkcurator and start receiving the daily dividends. This is a good alternative on dunk, there are very few such alternatives available on hive front end for curation related projects.

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