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RE: What is Permaculture? Ancestral and futuristic technology // O que é Permacultura? Tecnologia ancestral e futurista

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I like permaculture except the fact that it requires waaay and I mean waaaaaaay to much labor per person. We will drastically reduce our progress if we apply this globally.

I do like it though!


This is not true at all, perhaps at the start, but it is a way of mimicking what works in nature and that is devoid of man and the input of man. Permaculture should require less and less man hours as the system progresses. This actually increases the yield of land over mono culture also. Taking care of the soil could progress humanity greately.

I consider that your thinking is not necessarily wrong, but that you are thinking of production on a global level, following a script that is not the script proposed by permaculture. In the permaculture view, we would not be stuck in this urgent need to provide things to others on the same level as we are now. The idea is to be as self-sufficient as possible, and only seek out the things that we definitely don't have access to. Of course. You can't apply permaculture all over the world at once (maybe you never do), but the idea would be more to make it a basic social education, coming from an early age, including already experienced by parents at home (imagine a reality where everyone has at least "some" home grown foods). Even in buildings, in small spaces, etc. This already makes a huge difference in the child's mind.