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RE: What is Permaculture? Ancestral and futuristic technology // O que é Permacultura? Tecnologia ancestral e futurista

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This very ecstatic and well thought of and I really like the way you gave insights and description on this and also the photos you took and posted here are so terrific and mind blowing.

You've done very well. 👍🏻

And who knows? I might decide to indulge in Permaculture soon.😜😉

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Permaculture is closely linked to cannabis culture, brother! I hope you immerse yourself a little in this area of study, you will benefit a lot. We are experiencing a natural tendency to look for "the origins" more strongly today.

Oh wow! You don't say! It's a very lovely idea to immerse myself in that area of study but the problem is that having a cannabis farm or even using cannabis in my country is illegal, so that might kill my interest and motivation in trying to study Permaculture.

But not a bad idea at all.

Carry on with the culture, Imma be watching. ✌🏻😎

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