Video how I make nails

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Note in advance:
This is something you don’t do at home because it can be dangerous.

This was done because my nails grew too long on my toes .
Let's not cut them in a rich way, for example with snacks or scissors , for you on HIVE I decided on this venture on an angle grinder on which the fiber disk is multilayer with 100 granulations .
The angle grinder jr is firmly attached to its bracket to be stable and safe to use .
The effect of the spark I made that under my finger I held a steel nail intended for concrete nailing ,which I leaned on the fiber disk as it rotates and thus creates a spark and the nail is lightly leaned and gently shaped .
Eventually I worked my nails on metal files to smooth them out .
It wasn't easy to do all that, but everything went without injury, so I'm very happy about it.

However if you do not know how to use such altos do not do this is a little mistake can be fatally dangerous, Attention never enough .

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