Takahashia Japonica

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Morning a beautiful day for a walk to the store, and on a Maple tree I saw this beautiful ornament on its branches

May 23, 2021 was then seen


there's a lot of that and it looks really nice to me


but in fact here our code is considered to be an invasive species that attacks the Maple, the Murvs ,Carpinus , Magnolias



it will be nice to have eggs in these white tubes


And what's interesting to me is how it spreads, simply uses transportation can be said Taxi so use cars to go further from


Everything I was looking for related to this insect Takahashia Japonica
it is written that it does not work, so it does not spread any damage to plants

August 17, 2021. it can be seen here that it has changed its shape a bit


April - May is the time when the eggs come out of these targets verse pupae


this is what the part that was at my fingertips looks like and I tore it off so I could take a look and


it's really rotten


Here's a little about this plant for you on HIVE which they call alien, and aggressive and not rafi almost no damage to the plants, it looks to me a drop of beautiful decoration on the tree


True the tree is neglected but at least this adorns it and some life takes place on it .

It's here .

And so I will greet you with this kind of wax pipe bugs almost without legs Takahaskia Japonica from the family Coccidae, which Cockerell .



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These photos are beautiful!

Thanks for being able to capture the details ;))

You are welcome. I hope you are doing well. Your blog is really growing into something wonderful!


First one I see one like that!
At first I thought it was some type of fungi... Very cool :D

It is quite interesting and cool ;))

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Hi y;>))