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RE: FRAUD: CDC showing again they are a political/propaganda arm and not practicing science...

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The issue seems to stem from ranchorelaxo upvoting people for huge amounts. The problem is that he is upvoting people for huge amounts on posts that most would agree shouldn't get that much.

Which some others are then coming in later and downvoting.

I don't know if you are aware, you can set your maximum post rewards for each post you make.


Click on advanced settings.

You can also set WHO gets the rewards. You could make a post and give rewards all away to one account, or multiple accounts.

It's unfortunate, but there's some we can do about the downvotes for now. smooth and ocdb don't seem to be downvoting away the entire value of the post, looks like they are downvoting away the ranchorelaxo portion i think. It still sucks, it's a bad user experience for anyone who gets downvoted. We will have a place to go to soon though. This is @truthforce writing by the way.



Yeah I don't see a nefarious pattern yet. I have one bot downvoter that downvotes all of my posts but it is pretty insignificant.