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RE: The Simulation Hypothesis, Religion, Deism, and Time... (Part 1) - It's no threat.

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The one real obstacle to creating such a simulation ourselves is having thus far not figured out how to great a true general artificial intelligence. I'm not convinced we are terribly close to doing so either. However, once such a thing is accomplished, it is conceivable we could create a simulated environment for one or many such AIs though not necessarily one we could enter ourselves. Such a simulation could be created now but we wouldn't be able to perceive it as we perceive the "real world".


It might not require an artificial intelligence. What if we are avatars?

What if it is a game and there is a player inside of each of us, and each thing? That will become more obvious I think when I get to the part in this series on time.

Though you are correct that if we wanted to pull it off without requiring players directing things we would need true artificial intelligence.

I don't think we are particularly close to that either. We are already using what I call "expert systems" which are good at doing specific things but cannot do well outside of those constraints. That is what a lot of people refer to as artificial intelligence these days but I like you know that is but a shadow and is it truly intelligent if it must follow rigid rules? I guess it depends upon what intelligence means. It might be intelligent, just not at all wise, or free thinking.

With how fast things are progressing though I do not see this as much of a barrier at all to considering the possibility that we ourselves are inside of a simulation. It could have true artificial intelligence, or we may all be aspects of players inhabiting avatars. (Puts a spin on the concept of soul, and reincarnation if you ask me.)

Such a simulation could be created now but we wouldn't be able to perceive it as we perceive the "real world".

That is was actually the question that started my post on this years ago. In the process of asking "How would the simulant know" I kind of convinced myself it was possible. I am not an absolutist so I will not say WE ARE in a simulation. I just consider it very possible.

If reality were only a simulation how would WE the simulants be able to know for sure?

I wrote that 5 years ago when I was basically asking about the same thing I quoted from you.

Hi @darth-azrael,
from my perception, I ask myself the question: don't people already believe in the omnipotence of artificial intelligence?

Personally, I don't believe in a straightforward created or simulated form of reality, whatever other labels there are. However, if a great many people follow the trend that there is omnipotence - no matter whether such a thing is created by an old belief system or a new belief system - I cannot have a weighty voice against it.

I think it is most harmless to leave open the origin of life or where it might go (AI etc.), to avoid dogmas and constraints arising from it.

People push the trends to a great level, is, what I perceive.

You said

However, once such a thing is accomplished

Do you think it's going to be accomplished? When you think about details, how can this be accomplished, if it's merely based on the human imagination? Could it not be that to wish for such an omnipotent system that we only think that it works but in reality it's just simulating perfection?