The damaged cooker


Yesterday, my friend said that the electric pressure cooker that had been used for more than ten years was broken.

I was really surprised to hear him say more than ten years, what kind of electrical appliances can be used for more than ten years now? And she burned out because the porridge water overflowed, otherwise it can be used for a long time

Because it was near my mother's house, I asked her to take it over and I helped her take it over and ask. When I went to the shop, only the wife of the proprietress looked at the shop, and the boss went out to work.

The proprietress said to open it to see if it could be repaired, but when she opened it, she was shocked. The circuit boards inside were burned through, and there was black smoke at the bottom of the pot. I thought it was all like this, it should also be cold. Unexpectedly, the lady boss said when the boss came back to see if she could fix it. This is too strong, can it be repaired even if it's like this? The boss said that if it can be repaired, it will be less than 50 yuan! Reflected it with a friend, saying that if you can do it within 50, then do it. Finally, let them leave contact information with each other to make it easier to communicate!

I haven't asked my friends how it turned out.

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