Ten(10) Life Facts you must know about your brain

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Have you ever taken your time to think about the unimaginable ways your brain functions? Well, here are some facts you might not know about the human brain. Kindly follow me as i reveal these facts as follows;

1. The brain consumes more energy than other organs of your body

Well, it may be surprising to know that your brain consumes about 20% of your body's energy during rest, and consumes more during an activity. Reason is due to the processing and transmission of information or impulse through electrical signals which can be more expensive in terms of energy usage. This tends to drain more energy to function optimally. So do not be surprised of being hungry while writing or reading a magazine, novel or watching a movie because these processes are energy tasking.

2. Your brain stop developing at age 25

As you grow from childhood to your teen and adulthood, your brain keep developing till age 25 where it attains its peak of development. At this point you're able to remember virtually most of the things you've stored over time as your brain nerve cells are most active transmitting information at the split of second, but once you exceed age 25, brain cells degeneration starts as you'll gradually loss memory or consciousness and become often forgetful the more you age till your mid 60s.

3. Your brain uses 20% of your body oxygen

All cells, tissues, organs and systems in our body requires oxygen to survive and the brain is not an exception. The brain requires oxygen to enable it show its proof and function optimally as well. As the brain uses energy it consumes oxygen in such process as well. Lack of oxygen can lead to brain cells death which can be fatal if not properly prevented on time. To improve oxygen flow to your brain there is a need to wear perforated hats or caps and make sure you're always in a ventilated environment. Avoid excess saturated fatty diets and do more of yoga and aereobic exercises.

4. Our brain lack efficient receptors

Receptors affairs are coordinated by the spinal cord which send signals to the brain for interpretation. That's why you can be lying down with your eyes wide opened during a live surgery on your brain. When a part of the brain is damaged, you may hardly realize the damage until a diagnosis is done to verify the proof. So, this shows or Indicates that your brain lacks receptors.

5. The reason and way we dream is a mystery to the scientific world

This aspect has been thoroughly researched over and over with no evidence to indicate the reason.
Most Scientists thought we dream as a result of the images we've seen during the day time, while some predicated that dreaming is the best way to preserve our memories and thoughts as well.

Which ever way, it's more important to note these facts in order to know the reason for changes in our body system and ways to go about it. There's a saying that "health is wealth" and this should be your topmost priority as your existence is the most important asset you can ever have which is expected to be properly cared and nurtured with all diligence.

Disclaimer: This article is originally written by me and made available for use as reference.

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