Seven (7) Habits that Damages Brain One should Avoid

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The human brain is a complex organ containing millions of sensory cells and nerve endings that helps interprete information of sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch or pressure (which is known as stimulus). Basically, the cranial nerves of the brain works hand in hand with the spinal nerve of our spinal cord as impulse or information is being conducted by nerves from the receptor organs of our body via the spinal column to our brain effector organs (muscles and gland) for interpretation. This is as fast as the speed of light. For this sequence to keep moving, our brain requires its fuel (which is glucose from the food we eat daily). Despite the fact that we do sleep many times, our brain never sleeps as it works in conjunction with our heart and the endocrine system to keep us alive.

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For the proper functioning of our brain cells, we're required to keep fueling our brain to keep the cells active with an optimum boost. The end product of most of the food we consume is glucose and carbon dioxide which we use for respiration to keep us alive. Most of the glucose produced goes to our blood stream and when in excess are being converted to glycogen by the pancreatic hormone known as Insulin from our liver to reduce the blood sugar level while glucose are being channelled to our brain cells for use as brain fuel (to give the brain an energy boost).

This moment, I'll like to share with you, seven (7) usual habits that damages our brain. These include

1. Skipping Breakfast: It's usually said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you may skip lunch, please never skip breakfast. Study has shown that people who skips breakfast have lower blood sugar level which leads to brain degeneration due to insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain.

2. Smoking: There's a saying that smokers are liable to die young, which is true to an extent. Smoking endangers your lungs and deprive your brain of the required oxygen it needs which may lead to brain degeneration and Alzheimer's disease. Please quit smoking or reduce smoking with caution.

3. Lack of Adequate sleep: Though the brain does not sleep, but it needs sleep to rest. Long-term deprivation of sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells which can be very dangerous and threatening to our survival.

4. Lack of Frequent communication: Frequent speech promotes the efficiency of the brain. Lack of speech or being too silence as a norm degenerates the functionality of your brain cells. So having a reasonable conversation gives your brain the boost you want.

5. Head covered while sleeping: Covering your head while sleeping increases the concentration of Carbondioxide and reduces the influx of oxgen to the brain which might lead to brain degeneration and damaging effect beyond repairs.

6. Over-reacting: This results to the hardening of the brain arteries leading to a severe decrease in mental power and performance. It's always good to take issue slightly with wisdom and ease as over reaction is harmful to our brain cells.

7. Excessive intake of Caffeinated drink
Caffeine is known to be an addictive substance found in many drink today which have a way of boosting temporary strength within seconds and thereafter, leave you more exhausted than ever.

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Disclaimer: This article is originally written by me and made available for use as reference.

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Great article! I can see that you know what you are talking about, very technical yet acessible!

  1. Lack of Adequate sleep:

Since I started my new job this has been the great damage I'm doing to myself. I only sleep about 6 hours a night, and I feel that I need at least 7. But it only gets to me when the week is over (so Sunday I sleep a lot)

Thanks for sharing!
Keep posting and keep shining!

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😊You're very welcome @fireguardian. One thing about our health is that we can never cheat nature and scored free, our body have its way of paying back what we owe to nature. Sleep is of topmost importance to our brain cells and it improves our lifespan. Work is great, but never deny the pleasure of rest whenever due please. "Health is Wealth".

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