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Hello and welcome back to my page. I am @daniky and this is the day 33 of my entry to the #pobdaily challenge, an initiative of @dwayne16 and @marvinix. Kindly follow me as i briefly take you through my experience for the day.

Photos taken with Umidigi A5-Pro


Photos taken with Umidigi A5-Pro

The day and night came and went as usual. The weather seems to be favourable to few people (farmers especially) as we're already in the rainy season. Despite this, its seems not to be favourable to both private and public merchants as they are most time held down by the early morning downpour of rain. Those without their umbrella faces the penalty of been drenched to their various offices.

Despite the coldness of the weather, i found out that most people still likes taking ice water and ice-blocks not minding the negative impacts it might have on their health. This is said to be dangerous to our internal health and it's recorded to be one of the main causes of pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, cardiopulmonary disorders and many more which makes one find it difficult to breathe when they get to have cold, cough and cattarh. Some even goes as much as consuming excess alcoholics, saturated fatty meals and so on which alters the proper functioning of our health.

It's very important to take your health in to account properly and be very mindful of whatever goes through you mouth this season. Add more of fruits to your daily diet and reduce the act of taking artificially preserved drinks. Ulcer patients such avoid taking acidic fruits like pineapple, oranges, lime etc and replace it with bananas and basic meals in their rightful proportion. Those over weight and obese should engage in more frequent exercise and reduce the intake of fatty diets, take more of fruit and vegetables, exercise more, drink more of water (not juice), reduce your sugar intake. Men should take more of food rich in zinc which boosts their masculine strength and fertility while women should take more of iron in meals and suppliment as they to replenish their lost blood by monthly cycle. This and many more will definitely help create the balance. Students needs more of brain meals in their diet. Dark chocolate does the magic and mind you, glucose and water is the main food to optimize your brain cells. Cut down on caffeinated drinks and take more of natural meal for best result.

Please take care of yourself and make sure you share this share this post with your connections. "Health is wealth."

I'm using this medium to appreciate @dwayne16 and @marvinix for hosting this wonderful initiative. I also wish to invite interested #hiveans to be part of this daily challenge.

Thank you for your time and i hope you find this post helpful one way or the other. Don't hesitate to share you comment and looking forward to go through your post as well. Kindly help by upvoting and reblogging this post and stay safe.


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What a wonderful post, jam packed with health instructions.

I have also noticed that people likes to take uncooked salts or even put too much of salt while cooking, this is very bad as it causes highly blood pressure among other damages that is does in the body. I pray we all live a comfortable and sickness free life

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Thank you brother. I'm glad you find the tips helpful and that is the little way i could come in and i know there are many more to come with time. Our health is the most paramount aspect of our life as our Lifestyle depends on it.

Imagine the way earthworm shrivels when few crystals of salt is added to it, then now imagine how much harm excess salt is capable of causing to our blood and immune system. This is more of concern brother @corporateay

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thanks for the tip. I avoid cold things given that my body is receptive to the cold. I also try to maintain a high healthy diet to keep my body in perfect space. Lol I am getting to that age where I cannot neglect my nutrition.

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yeah that's pretty awesome @nonsowrites. So far you make this your routine, you're very good to go far in life in terms of your health and well-being. Glad to have your comment bro.

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True talk. Most time people dont good conscious of their action. It is good one ensure everything one does is hygienically done. This is to avoid unwanted illness.
Thanks for sharing