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Unexpected, intense and powerful Sound is is frustrating. This can trigger the emotional status of the body. In this article, I am going to explain the science behind thunderstorm.
Thunderstorm is a storm that is associated with lightning and a powerful Sound known as thunder which is caused as a result of lightning discharge.. Thunderstorm occur due to the change in atmospheric charges (positive and negative charges).
There are 3 parameters that cause thunderstorms: moisture, unstable air and Lift.
During the day, the air in the lower part of the earth is heated by the solar radiation and this heated air become less dense than the air in the upper part of the earth. As a result of the mass difference, the heated air rise to the upper layer of the earth and transfer heat to the upper part of the earth through convention process..The rising air actually contain a moisture which later condense into water vapour as it rises and form a cloud.This stage is known as CUMULUS STAGE


As the process continues (Air rises to upper layer of the earth), more and intense cloud is forming and the tiny water droplet begins to grow too this stage is known as the MATURE STAGE. A point is reached in the atmosphere where the rising air can no longer hold the moisture form which consequently lead to falling of raindrops

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The ice falling down through the cloud collide with the ice rising up and when this occur, it creates an electric charges which lead to lightning and form the sound waves we hear as thunder.

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After the lightning and thunder, the mature thunderstorm starts to reduce in intensity and enter the last stage known as DISSIPATING STAGE. In this stage, the warm supply air is depleted and no upward movement of air.Only the downward movement of air occur.

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