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Corrosion is a natural chemical reaction process that effectively destroy the metal surfaces when they come in contact with Corrosion environment. It is an inevitable phenomenon because it occurs due to ability of metal to return to it's stable state.


Corrosion is a major challenges in Oil and gas, Chemical Industry, in transportation, in pretrochemical and even in our various houses. Most of the material that are usually use at home is made up of metal.

Corroded tractor in my school

I remember when I was still in high school, I would purchased Cutlass, few days after getting it, the Cutlass would be destroyed due to Corrosion. Because of this, I will need to get another Cutlass. In USA, 3.4% of GDP are spent on Corrosion damage. That's so huge. Corrosion occur when metal surface is expose to air, water, humidity, oxygen and acid. When this occur, a redox reaction occur which lead to the formation of rust on the surface of metal.
Corrosion cannot be completely eliminated but it can be reduced to some extent. One of the ways of tackling this problem is by using a Corrosion inhibitor.
Corrosion inhibitors are compound that when added to metal surface can prevent it from being deteriorate. Corrosion inhibitors form a thin film on the surface of metal which then prevent metal from intimate contact with Corrosion causing agent such as water or acid.
The inhibitor actually adsorb on the surface of metal and the adsorption can either be physosorption or chemisorption.

We are currently on the research work now
We pray for betterment result
Looking forward to saving world at large from the damage cause by Corrosion.

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