Chemistry of Condom,its side effects and safety tips

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In this article,I am going to explain the chemistry of Condom, it's side effect and safety tips.

A condom is a sheath-shaped barrier that prevent sperm from getting into the vagina thereby reduce the chance of pregnancy and prevent sexual transmitted disease. There are male condom and female Condom. A male condom is worn on the penis and female Condom is inserted into the vagina.


What are Condom made from

Condom are usually made from Latex. In a bid to avoid latex allergies, polyurethane can be substituted... Female condom is made from polyurethane as well.

Lubricant in condom

Many Condom were often coated with a spermicide ( a substance that destroys sperm to avoid pregnancy) containing Nonoxynol-9..


Some lubricants used inside the condom contain small amount of anaesthetic ( agent that produce local or general loss of sensation including pain) benzocaine which prevent premature ejaculation.


Also, some condom contain erectogenic gel in the tip to increase the flowing of blood into the penis..

Side effects of Condom

Latex Condom can cause allergies and the reaction can include rash and loss of blood pressure. Condom does gaurantee 100% safety from contacting STI and from getting pregnancy

Condom Safety tips

Ensure you check the expiry date B4 using. Also, ensure you check if there's any damage or holes on the condom and Never reuse condom

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Thank you for the wonderful teaching and calling our attention to know the side effect of condom and the safety tips.
basically a lot of us neglect that this could be harmful to the body because most of us fall victim of not checking date of condom before use.
so with this calling our attention to watch and take care of our health i personally appreciate you for making out time to share this with the platform.

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