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Barbecue and It's side effects


Barbecue is the cooking method which use live fire or smoke to cook food..
Barbecue is one of the favourite food for some people especially meat barbecue. Some people can't stay for a day without eating barbecue meat. In this article, I am going to explain the side effects of taking barbecue food...
Health is wealth as most people say and in order to maintain our health standard, we must be cautious of the food we take.

Why you should stay away from barbecue food.

When food is cook with fire and smoke, a set of compound known as Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon is released from the smoke directly to the cook food.These compounds are toxic to the body and they increased the risk of for certain cancer... One of the PAHs that can develop from smoking is benzo(a)pyrene. This compound is carcinogenic.

download (6).pngbenzo(a)pyrene

Heterocyclic amines are also formed when meats are cook. These compounds are carcinogenic as well.

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excess of barbecue food can also increase the risk of High Blood presure and diabetes. A product of grilling meat known as glycotoxin can actually increase the level of inflammation in the body. Also, the PAHs can penetrate the placental thereby cause a low birth weight child ..

From these side effects,it's good to abstain from eating barbecue food.

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Whoops, I've had two barbeques in the past week, lol. I'll not make it a habit!

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Barbecue are really difficult to do without. I however try as much to reduce the intake.

From these side effects,it's good to abstain from eating barbecue food.

When you say abstain, you mean totally?

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Partially if totally will be difficult
Just try as much as possible to reduce the intake

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Alright. Thanks for the advice

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