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RE: PoB - first post and How to use your Voting Power

in Proof of Brain6 months ago

Crazy having penalties for voting and puts me off as I am not logging into multiple interfaces to curate.

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I see what you guys mean with penalties - well the nature of these tribes when you do not create accounts per tribe as many did - I think this Leo tool is finally helping to not lose a lot HP while still being able to curate also tribe stuff.

I agree the Leo vote multiplying tool really does help and allows me to vote using one account and not having a bunch of alts.

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Just to add - I curate tons on Leo with a 20x weight set - if I would do with usual HP I would be below 10% voting power on Hive, with the tool I am still over 50% HP voting power. No ideal thing but at least a helper for guys also having a real life and not tons of tribe accounts :-)