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RE: Winning Is Great But Losing Is Underrated👁

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I do have a friend who happens to be the over convident type of looser. He alerts really on what he heard somewhere years ago, never embraces new ideas. I hope he changes one day.

For me I can be catigorized under both the smart looser and the unlock once, depending on the situation.

I am the opened to new idea type, I try things differently and do not underestimate any one bringing new ideas no matter how small the person is. But in a situation where it seems like ideas ain't coming and all ideas tend to fail, I think of it as being unlock


Thanks for coming by brother.

I hope he change his ways sooner than later.

Learning new things really helps the brain function well. Yes there might be ups and downs along the line but trust me, you can never be unlucky all the time. Keep pushing forward and you’ll see the results

Thanks brother

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You’re always welcome brother.