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RE: πŸ“ˆ 'Proof Of Brain' Weekly stat report - Apr 17, 2021 to Apr 23, 2021 πŸ“ˆ

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Its a wonderful initiative of calculating the highest posts by the community leaders. @madstacks @failingforwards @regenerette have always contributed a good stuff snd quality posts. @vempromundo and @leprechaun have been the top curators always. This time @uwelang seems to be the new discovery, at-least for me. They all are doing the real job of community building

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Thank you for the mention and for noticing my activity!

It means a lot to me to observe that some of the people in here really give their 2 pennies of observing the engagement and the posts.

With appreciation,

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Your efforts are definitely being noticed.
You are a very active in this community and you hard work is
Paying off.

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Thank you! Tomorrow I'll start the big Hive curation, POB is one of the front-ends where I will be curating. Give me a sign if you have a good post so I can read it. Tomorrow.


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Thanks a lot for heads up. Thanks
Let’s start with people in top authors list above and help them by curating the content.
Or I can also fetch some details of people who are not much active like who only posted once or twice in a week and you can curate them to encourage them creating more content.
Please me know if you like this πŸ‘

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Excellent ideas.

Feel free to tag me in the following month only for the top authors.

I have helped a few people come to Hive, which are now in POB, but posting rarely. Those need to find intrinsic motivation, I think.

I'll start this curation process tomorrow.

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I will tag you in next stats post
Thanks a lot for the help and initiative.
Take care

Tag me whenever you wish!

Hugs and have an excellent day!

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

This is true
We have a set of top author and curators.
Too 5 authors have posted at least one post daily and number 5 to 10 also posted at lease one post except Sunday on average.
This is good engagement. Ans big thumb up to the curators for promoting and encouraging these authors.
A true community driven effort.
!LUV 1

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